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Sunday, June 9, 2024

New Playlist: May 2024 // “Severance”, Female Gaze

[Repost from Rosy Overdrive; June 4, 2024]

What a week! (and yes, I know it’s only Tuesday, Alec Baldwin). Yesterday, Pressing Concerns broke the 1,000-record barrier, and today we have the May 2024 playlist, two hours of absolutely stellar new music for you to peruse.

Here is where you can listen to the playlist on various streaming services: Spotify, Tidal, BNDCMPR (missing one song). Be sure to check out previous playlist posts if you’ve enjoyed this one, or visit the site directory. If you’d like to support Rosy Overdrive, you can share this (or another) post, or donate here.

“Severance”, Female Gaze
From Tender Futures (2024, Fort Lowell/Totally Real)

The latest album from Tucson trio Female Gaze, Tender Futures, intentionally evokes haziness and disorientation and, according to the band, can be started from any song and played “on a loop”. Stretching five songs across thirty-two minutes, Tender Futures is an expansive, vast record that embodies the American southwest. By the end of the album, the disorientation is at a high, as we’re feeling lost out in no-man’s land somewhere–but the last song on Tender Futures is its clearest olive branch. “Severance” is not a departure from the rest of the album, but it’s where everything snaps into focus, as the trio set their sights on fluttering guitar pop for six minutes. Read more about Tender Futures here.