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Thursday, December 27, 2012


Well folks, 2012 isn't even over yet, but we're moving onto 2013 already! Next up is an amazing band from Tucson AZ called fairweatherfriend, and we just received the test pressing for their debut 7inch single, "You & I," b/w "Fair Weather Friend!" Fans of dream-pop / shoegaze bands like Adorable, The Dears, The Depreciation Guild, Starflyer 59, Wild Nothing, and Verve be warned now... fairweatherfriend is going to be the next record to wear out your needle! More to come...

Monday, December 24, 2012


Happy Holidays to us!  Fort Lowell Records is proud to report two 'Best of 2012' lists that our bands have been featured on this year:

Andrew Collberg - "Dirty Wind" 7inch
Turntable Kitchen's Top 7" Vinyl Singles of 2012

Saint Maybe - Things As They Are
Up On The Sun's 10 Best Things I Heard in 2012

They are both great lists to be a part of, so we are really proud of each band!  Thank you everyone for all of the support in 2012!  We look forward to bringing you more amazing music in 2013!


Saturday, December 8, 2012


Last night, Saint Maybe put on an awesome performance at Plush for their Record Release Party!  In case you missed it, here are some photographs from the gig:

Order Saint Maybe's debut album Things As They Are today!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


fairweatherfriend are sheer shoegaze bliss, and they've just wrapped up recording what is going to be their simply amazing debut 7inch single in 2013 with Fort Lowell Records!  Check them out on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter for now and start lacing up your shoegazing / nu-gazing dancing shoes 'cause their record is gonna' blow minds!  Here are some photos from their studio sessions:


Thursday, November 22, 2012


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The fine folks over at KXCI 91.3FM Community Radio here in Tucson AZ are featuring Saint Maybe's debut album, Things As They Are, as their 'Local Pick of the Week' this week, November 19-23!  Each day, Cathy Rivers will be featuring a new track on The Home Stretch at 3:30pm.  Today, Tuesday November 20, Rivers has invited Oliver Ray from Saint Maybe to join her in the studio for an interview about their new record!  Tune in on the airwaves if you are here in Tucson today, or you can stream KXCI on the ol' World Wide Web at 3:30pm (MST) to hear what Oliver has to say!

Friday, November 9, 2012


Our dear friends at Turntable Kitchen have volunteered to host an exclusive preview of the new Saint Maybe record, Things As They Are!  Head on over to their website to listen to the entire album, from start to finish!  Then, Pre-Order this beautiful grey-marbled vinyl record directly with us here on our website... over there on the right side of the page--->



Monday, November 5, 2012


The folks over at Mojophenia in Essex, England, are giving away a FREE copy of Saint Maybe's debut album, Things As They Are!  This awesome eight-song record comes on a stunningly beautiful grey-marble vinyl and includes a digital download.  All you have to do link back to their own post via some form of social media.  The best re-post they find wins the golden ticket!

Happy Re-Posting!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Thee Collection Agency is a new vintage boutique in Tucson, AZ, that is now going to start carrying vinyl records!  Fort Lowell Records is proud to have the first records for sale in Thee Collection Agency.  Stop by their storefront located at 657 W St. Mary’s Rd. Unit C6, Tucson AZ 85701, between 11:00am-6:00pm, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday to see what they've got in stock!

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


That last one is our favorite... :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012


We are heading down to Super Sunday today at the Tanque Verde Swap Meet! Come on down and join us, we will be selling our vinyl records!

Here is more information on Facebook:

Here is an article Emily Gindlesparger wrote about Super Sunday for Zocalo Magazine:

For nearly 40 years, the Tanque Verde Swap Meet has been a place people can come, peruse, and leave with something fabulous and unexpected. Passing by the space during the week, it looks like a wide dusty lot with a few small trees; but Thursday through Sunday the lot on South Palo Verde Avenue comes alive with people browsing and hawking just about anything that can fit into over 800 booths. On the first ever “Super Sunday,” premiering October 21, patrons will see even more of the fabulous and unexpected.

Flashes of gold costumes and streaks of turquoise feathers will decorate a main stage as Danza Azteca Calupulli Tonantzin perform, their feet following drums and their headdresses radiating like suns. The wide bright skirts of Ballet Folklorico Tapatio dancers will paint the air to mariachi. Jimmy and the Jitterbugs will light up the night with swoony Sinatra jazz swing. Meanwhile kids will get face painting and one free carnival ride along with jumping castles, pony rides, and bubble guns. A fleet of international food trucks will be there, alongside a full farmer’s market to seduce visitor’s appetites. With roving carts offering cold brews, the Super Sunday will be a wacky beer garden where you can browse local crafts and funky throwbacks. “We will have everything from the guy scooping Shea butter out of the shell to farm fresh eggs; basket weaving to vintage clothes; pony rides to Aztec dancing,” says Marie DeGain, Community Outreach Coordinator of Tanque Verde Swap Meet.

“Super Sunday came out of the desire to celebrate Tucson’s culture and landscape through food, entertainment and local offerings. It is a free event that cross-pollinates a local, farmer’s and international market in an outdoor festival atmosphere,” DeGain explains. Perhaps its most amazing factor is the same thing that makes it so unique: the diversity of folks who come to perform and sell. Every band taking the stage for Super Sunday will present something danceable and different. Anyone with fifteen bucks and a garage full of unneeded stuff can rent a space to show their offerings. DeGain calls it “local urban recycling”: hundreds of tons of items are saved from the landfill by bringing them here to sell. “The Tanque Verde Swap Meet represents a Tucson forerunner in green business as well as building a model for community, cultural and economic development.”

Sunday, October 21 will be a great expression of that, bringing together food, music, dancing, people and stuff from all over Tucson. It’s the one place where, as DeGain elaborates, “you can get a tattoo and a custom airbrushed jacket, make your own rock video, ride some ponies, and eat hamburgers from the grill – the best people watching around.”

See you there!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Saint Maybe's debut full length record, Things As They Are, is being pushed back to November 20th for the official release date, just in time for the holiday season! In the meantime, you can preview a few of the tracks here:


Sunday, September 30, 2012


FairWeatherFriend is comprised of four friends from Tucson, Arizona, who enjoy making (shoegaze) music together and being friends.  They also happen to be our own personal latest addiction; we freakin' love their music!  Help FairWeatherFriend gather the funding necessary to release their debut 7inch record with Fort Lowell Records!  Here is the info you need to know from their KickStarter page:

FairWeatherFriend, thought-provoking, emotive indie-rock... cultivated in the desert southwest by four vastly different fellows bonded in brotherly love.

Dear friends, family, curious on-lookers, etc....

As you can imagine, the process of producing a physical, recorded work of music takes time, creativity, and money!  We have made the time to get together for rehearsals and brainstorm what this process will entail.  We are tapping into our creative minds this very second, considering how best to draw each one of you into this project. That brings us to this- the money aspect is awkward to address, but difficult to overlook!  In order to accomplish the goal of releasing a record, we are shooting for $2000.  Here's how it breaks down financially when it comes to producing a vinyl record...  

$790.00 - Vinyl manufacturing/shipping
$238.55 - Lacquers/ vinyl masters
$58.30 - Polyethylene bags
$224.02 - Record jackets
$38.83 - Mailing boxes
$210.00 - Shipping records to stores for sale

These charges total $1559.70.  With a portion of the remainder amount of $440.30 we are attempting to raise, we will be paying a friend to facilitate our recording process so we can focus on instrumentation.   Finally, the last of the money will be used to ship out the rewards to you, the "backers".  

Needless to say, we need your help to partner with us to make this dream come alive.  If we meet our goal, you can rejoice with us and smile with great satisfaction.  The bad news is, if we don't receive the entire goal amount during the 30-day drive, the campaign will be over and no money will be available.  We are going to go forward in confidence with our goal in mind, so we invite you to respond!   We feel so passionately about this music and desire to share the sense of community with all who desire to join us.  Friends and family- unite!  Don't forget, strangers are welcome to donate, too!


We believe that in a community effort, gifts, both miniscule and massive, are a sacrifice worthy of mention! We thank you in advance for your love... 

God bless,

Pledge $5 or more
Thank you, dear person! You shall receive digital downloads of our very first 2 original songs. In addition, we will send you a one-of-a-kind, personalized thank you photo. We may make a human pyramid or pose in a stranger's car without asking.

Pledge $10 or more
Wow. You're swell! We're going to send you a physical copy of the 7 inch vinyl record. This little beauty will possess splendid color, a visually pleasing sleeve, and shall contain 2 original songs. A download card will accompany it so that your iPod can feel as special as your turntable.

Pledge $25 or more
You. Are. Awesome! To thank you, we will send you the 7 inch vinyl record, complete with digital download card (because it's hard to keep the record from skipping in your car). Oh yeah, you also get a one-of-a-kind, personalized, slightly unconventional thank you photo from the band! Most importantly, you are eligible to submit a photo for potential use on the cover of the record! The theme is Tucson missions, so make it good! (Can't go wrong with San Xavier...)

Pledge $50 or more
Can''t thank you enough! But let us start by sending you a copy of this limited-run, 7-inch vinyl record. There will only be 500 of these babies on the entire planet! A digital download card will eliminate the need to take your record player to the park, thereby preventing people from staring at you on your jog. Of course, you'll also receive a unique thank you photo containing the band (possibly walking dogs or juggling). Finally, 8x10 black and white prints of all 3 photos used on the record cover! The theme is Tucson missions...That's cool!

Pledge $100 or more
Benjamin Franklin?! Wow, thank you! You get a limited-edition copy of the vinyl 7-inch record for sure. And a digital download card. And a thank you picture. And check this out- you get a private drum lesson from Ryan! Can't beat THAT. Get it? Nothing.

Pledge $500 or more
In addition to all of the goodies in the $50 package, Sean will build you a custom piece of furniture!! Yeah, you read that correctly. He's multi-talented, and you'll be the recipient of said talent. This item will be wooden in nature, and shall forever be a conversation piece in your home.

Pledge $1,000 or more
WHAAAAAAT?!!! That's NUTS! So we're giving you the recorded goods, the thank you photo, cover art prints....and how about we play a live set at your house? We'll even play a cover tune of you choice. The evening will only be complete if we bring pizza for as many friends as can legally fit inside your dwelling. Don't forget- fire code guidelines need to be followed, or Kevin will lay the hammer down!

Help support FairWeatherFriend via KickStarter!
Follow FairWeatherFriend on Twitter and SoundCloud!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Saint Maybe
Things As They Are

- Everything At Once (And More)
- Houses For Ghosts
- Delicate Prey
- She’s Alright

- Way With Words
- Everything That Rises
- Take It Easy (But Take It)
- Things As They Are

Coming soon... October 30, 2012!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


New Granada Presents...

Wednesday, August 8th
Free Show!

New World Brewery
1313 E. Eighth Ave., Tampa, FL 33605

Arizona's Tracy Shedd (Teen Beat; DIW; Fort Lowell Records) will be playing a special one-off show as part of New World Brewery's ongoing Wednesday night BBQ Acoustic Series. The show is FREE (!!!!!), Tracy will be doing a couple sets between 7:00-9:00pm.

So, get there early! Do NOT MISS this !!!!!!

And bring some extra cash for NWB's famous $5.00 BBQ plate!


See you tonight!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Zach Toporek, frontman of Young Mothers (the first band we released a 7inch with), performs their new tune "Go Mad," live at Lost Leaf in Phoenix AZ!

Saturday, June 30, 2012


If you didn't hear already...

Luz de Vida, our 12inch compilation that features 12 Tucson artists on the beautiful yellow vinyl plus a total of 37 amazing artists from all over the globe on the download card, is now priced at $10.00!  Featuring bands like Calexico, Giant Sand, Robyn Hitchcock, John Vanderslice, Spoon, Neko Case, Meat Puppets, Jimmy Eat World, Ozomatli, Visqueen’s Rachel Flotard & Jon Rauhouse, Mark Growden, Chuck Prophet, Tracy Shedd, Lenguas Largas, La Cerca, Dead Western Plains, Brian Lopez, Golden Boots, etc., etc., etc...

We've got Howe Gelb 7inches available again!  But only a couple, so get 'em while you can!  Howe's record sold out immediately with Record Store Day 2011.  Fortunately for you, we found a few extra copies that must have missed the original shipment!

And lastly, it's bitter sweet to report that we've finally sold out of the Young Mothers' 7inch, our very first release!   We believe the only remaining copies might be with the band up in New York City, so catch them at a show up there is you need a copy!

Order Luz de Vida and Howe Gelb, plus more, directly from us... over in the right column-->

Happy Record Shopping!


Saturday, June 16, 2012


Saint Maybe, who will be releasing their debut full length with Fort Lowell Records later this year, recently opened for Los Lobos here in Tucson, AZ, at the Rialto Theatre.  Here are two videos from that performance, featuring our very own Tracy Shedd on backup vocals, and the best record producer this side of the Mississippi and owner of Wavelab Studio, Craig Schumacher, on keys!  Catch Saint Maybe on the road this summer as they tour around the US promoting their rockness (dates listed below)!

Wed June 20 - Midway Cafe - Boston MA
Thur June 21 - The Rock Shop - Brooklyn NY
Mon June 25 - Mercury Lounge - New York NY

Fri July 13 - Raven Cafe - Prescott AZ
Sat July 14 - Spirit Inn - Jerome AZ
Sun July 15 - Lost Leaf - Phoenix AZ

Thur Aug 9 - Pappy & Harriets - Pioneertown CA
Fri Aug 10 - Old Towne Pub - Pasadena CA
Sat Aug 11 - Museum of Music and Instruments - Los Angeles CA
Saint Maybe is...
- Oliver Ray (Patti Smith): vocals, guitar
- Chris Sauer: guitar
- Naim Amor: guitar
- Geoff Hidalgo (Mostly Bears): bass guitar
- Winston Watson (Bob Dylan, Greyhound Soul): drums

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Our friend Jamie Laboz is the sole creator behind Chamber Of Sounds, a company here in Tucson AZ building amazing handheld analog synthesizers. Jamie is simply a genius and his creations are some of the most beautiful synthesizers ever built since Bob Moog! The videos below speak for themselves... check 'em out!

Learn more about Chamber Of Sounds here!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Saturday, June 16
Lost Leaf
914 N 5th Street
Phoenix AZ
(602) 258-0014

Young Mothers
Jess Williamson (from Austin TX)
Tracy Shedd
Snow Songs


Looks like the boys from video? are heading back out the road starting tonight in Tucson AZ!  Don't miss their show in your home town, and be sure to pick up their 7inch (FLR002) from them on the road!  Check out their website for more details on each show.

5/16 – Tucson @ Plush, Tour Kickoff with Enemies! and Vanity Theft
5/17 – San Diego @ Ruby Room w/ Lo-Fi Sugar
5/18 – Sacramento @ The Cave w/ Monkeys In Space
5/19 – San Francisco @ Amnesia w/ Foolproof Four (EARLY SHOW 6-9)
5/20 – Brookings, OR @ 101 Bar
5/21 – Portland @ Dante’s
5/22 – Seattle @ High Dive
5/23 – Brookings, OR @ 101 Bar
5/24 – San Francisco @ Hotel Utah
5/25 – Santa Monica @ Central SAPC w/ Lo-Fi Sugar
5/26 – TBA
5/27 – Tempe @ Rogue Bar video? "I'm Afraid Of Everything" by FortLowellRecords

Sunday, May 6, 2012


"RIP Ernie Gardner (far right), one of the founding members of '05 local sexy proto-punkers Red Switch, and a frequent participant in the recent popular spinoff act, HAIRSPRAYFIREANDGIRLS (featured on our Luz de Vida compilation). He was always quick with a smile, a handshake (usually a bear-hug) and a kind word. Devastating, to say the least." ~ Club Congress + TucsonScene James


We'll be at Club Congress tonight for the Lambchop (Merge Records) + Howe Gelb show with two of our records that feature Mr. Gelb himself on sale!

$3.00 - 'Sno Angel + Melted Wires Split 7inch (normally $5.00)
$10.00 - Luz de Vida 12inch Compilation, featuring Giant Sand (normally $20.00)

Hope to see you there!


Thank you to Dan Sheffer from Tucson-12 Television for stopping by KXCI Community Radio Studios last year on our 1st Anniversary, April 22, 2011. Here is an interview between Jason Repko from KXCI and yours truly, El Patron de Fort Lowell Records. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Sunday, April 1, 2012


As some of you may already know, Fort Lowell Records is a non-profit organization.  100% of the money made from our records goes back into releasing more records for more artists.  We have a lot of great ideas for new releases this year, but we need more money to pay for them.  The sooner we can sell the records we have been releasing for the past two years, the sooner we can make new records available for you to enjoy.  Please spread the word and tell your family and friends that you want more Fort Lowell Records in your life and you need their help to get them.  Thank you for all the support for the past two years, and thank you in advance for the support you continue to give!

- Team FLR

Monday, February 27, 2012


One of the most influential bands of my life has been Common Thread.  Fort Lowell Records would simply not exist if it weren't for them.  Not only were they close friends of mine growing up in Orange Park, FL, but they were simply amazing musicians that pushed boundaries like no other band.

In the late 80's and early 90's, a big part of the skateboarding scene in Orange Park, FL, existed at "The Sandtrap."  This was the name for Joe & Tiger Parker's backyard half-pipe skate ramp.  Tiger was one of my best friends at the time (shout-out to the Rice Posse) and Joe was his older brother.  Joe's friends Travis Taylor and Joey Zimmerman would often come over as well to skate with us, but before we knew it, Joe, Travis, and Joey were plugging in guitars in the living room.  It wasn't too long after that Common Thread was born and shows at The Civic League and Pizza Blue became the most mind blowing experiences for us growing up.  Craig Parlet, a friend of mine literally since the age of one (we were both born in Portsmouth, VA, due to our fathers both being in the Navy) became Common Thread's drummer just after the release of their first cassette.

Fortunately for all of us, our friend Aaron O'Laughlin has posted up two great video's of Common Thread.  The first is a video he made for their classic hit "Lydia Elle," a song that appeared on what most will agree was their greatest release ever, Fountain.  The second video is a live recording from a show at The Bad Boy Club, playing John Denver's "Leaving on a Jet Plane," a song they would often end their shows with, featuring their original drummer, Donald Kilpatrick.

In addition, here are a few other classic songs by Common Thread for you to listen to, taken from their MySpace page:

Sesame "Sesame"
Destroying Red Lights "Destroying Red Lights"
Drippings "Drippings"
My Feet as Prunes "My Feet as Prunes"

We hope you have enjoyed listening to Common Thread as much of we have! By the way, you may have noticed the Teisco Japanese Guitar that Joe Parker was playing in the live video. This guitar was a big inspiration for him to begin building his own guitars, Joe Parker Guitars, photographed below as seen at Austin Vintage Guitars in Texas.

Happy Shoegazing!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Our latest artist featured on 7inches of beautiful mint green vinyl, Andrew Collberg, is heading off to Europe in April!  Andrew Collberg will be touring with Luz de Vida (FLR007) artists Sergio Mendoza y La Orkesta and Brian Lopez, along with Tucsonan Marianne Dissard.  The four artists collectively are out promoting the Tucson Songs compilation (Le Pop Musik), but we are sure Andrew Collberg is going to have some of his "Dirty Wind" 7inchers with him as well!

April 17 - München, Germany - Feierwerk
April 18 - Mannheim, Germany - Alte Feuerwache
April 19 - Linz, Austria - Posthof
April 20 - Lyon, France - L'Epicerie Moderne
April 22 - Freiburg, Germany - Cafe Atlantik
April 23 - Dortmund, Germany - FZW
April 24 - Berlin, Germany - Heimathafen
April 25 - Hamburg, Germany - Fabrik
April 26 - Köln, Germany - Stadtgarten
April 27 - Zug, Switzerland - Chollerhalle
April 28 - Schaffhausen, Switzerland - Kammgarn
April 29 - Chemnitz, Germany - Schauspielhaus
April 30 - Offenbach, Germany - Hafen 2

Enjoy the show!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


We are super excited about this... Sunbears! are coming to Tucson AZ!  Jared + Jonathan are ol' friends of ours from Jacksonville FL, as well as signed to our friends Keith + Susie's label New Granada Records (Tampa FL), who manages the Digital Distribution for Fort Lowell Records!  Double R Nites is going to be hosting Sunbears! at La Cocina on Wednesday, February 1st!  To make the night even better, our very own video? is going to be playing as well!  Page of Cups will be opening the show.  Don't miss this event, it is going to be superexciting!

Not to mention... we always said The Red Room was the best venue for catching amazing new artists in Tucson!  Now with Double R Nites taking over La Cocina and picking up where we all left off with The Red Room closing, well... we simply love what they are doing now!

Here are some videos for you to check out...

Sunbears! video?

See you at the show!
Fort Lowell Records

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Check-it-check-it out!  The boys from video? landed themselves a lil' ol' spot on MTV's show Caged!  Scroll forward to 26:45 to take a listen for yer' self...

Friday, January 20, 2012


Fort Lowell Records + Borderlands Brewing Co. have partnered together to celebrate the release of Andrew Collberg's "Dirty Wind" 7inch record. Come celebrate with us on Friday, February 3rd, from 4:00pm-7:00pm. This will be a free event to the public, and Borderlands Brewing Co. will have tastings of their amazing all natural hand-crafted beers for only $3.00. In addition, we will have copies of Andrew Collberg's 7inch record for $5.00, along with other records from our catalog.

4:00pm - Doors Open
4:45pm - Young Mothers
5:30pm - Tracy Shedd
6:15pm - Andrew Collberg

Borderlands Brewing Co. Microbrews:
- Santa Rita, a refreshing amber ale
- Borderlands Lager, perfect for desert days
- La Morena, nutty, toasty, brown ale
- Noche Dulce, moonlight vanilla porter
- Ol' Loco, ol' frontier's citrus IPA
- Prickly Pear Wheat, summer's sweet bounty

Learn more about Borderlands Brewing Co. here:

Learn more about Fort Lowell Records + Andrew Collberg here:

After the show, be sure to make your way over to Plush to celebrate the 7inch record release for our dear friends... The Electric Blankets! It's going to be a supergreat night in Tucson, with everyone pressing more vinyl records for your ears to be blessed with! Can't wait to pick up The Electric Blankets on wax! Here is more information about their show... Don't miss it!:

See you all at the shows!