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Sunday, September 30, 2012


FairWeatherFriend is comprised of four friends from Tucson, Arizona, who enjoy making (shoegaze) music together and being friends.  They also happen to be our own personal latest addiction; we freakin' love their music!  Help FairWeatherFriend gather the funding necessary to release their debut 7inch record with Fort Lowell Records!  Here is the info you need to know from their KickStarter page:

FairWeatherFriend, thought-provoking, emotive indie-rock... cultivated in the desert southwest by four vastly different fellows bonded in brotherly love.

Dear friends, family, curious on-lookers, etc....

As you can imagine, the process of producing a physical, recorded work of music takes time, creativity, and money!  We have made the time to get together for rehearsals and brainstorm what this process will entail.  We are tapping into our creative minds this very second, considering how best to draw each one of you into this project. That brings us to this- the money aspect is awkward to address, but difficult to overlook!  In order to accomplish the goal of releasing a record, we are shooting for $2000.  Here's how it breaks down financially when it comes to producing a vinyl record...  

$790.00 - Vinyl manufacturing/shipping
$238.55 - Lacquers/ vinyl masters
$58.30 - Polyethylene bags
$224.02 - Record jackets
$38.83 - Mailing boxes
$210.00 - Shipping records to stores for sale

These charges total $1559.70.  With a portion of the remainder amount of $440.30 we are attempting to raise, we will be paying a friend to facilitate our recording process so we can focus on instrumentation.   Finally, the last of the money will be used to ship out the rewards to you, the "backers".  

Needless to say, we need your help to partner with us to make this dream come alive.  If we meet our goal, you can rejoice with us and smile with great satisfaction.  The bad news is, if we don't receive the entire goal amount during the 30-day drive, the campaign will be over and no money will be available.  We are going to go forward in confidence with our goal in mind, so we invite you to respond!   We feel so passionately about this music and desire to share the sense of community with all who desire to join us.  Friends and family- unite!  Don't forget, strangers are welcome to donate, too!


We believe that in a community effort, gifts, both miniscule and massive, are a sacrifice worthy of mention! We thank you in advance for your love... 

God bless,

Pledge $5 or more
Thank you, dear person! You shall receive digital downloads of our very first 2 original songs. In addition, we will send you a one-of-a-kind, personalized thank you photo. We may make a human pyramid or pose in a stranger's car without asking.

Pledge $10 or more
Wow. You're swell! We're going to send you a physical copy of the 7 inch vinyl record. This little beauty will possess splendid color, a visually pleasing sleeve, and shall contain 2 original songs. A download card will accompany it so that your iPod can feel as special as your turntable.

Pledge $25 or more
You. Are. Awesome! To thank you, we will send you the 7 inch vinyl record, complete with digital download card (because it's hard to keep the record from skipping in your car). Oh yeah, you also get a one-of-a-kind, personalized, slightly unconventional thank you photo from the band! Most importantly, you are eligible to submit a photo for potential use on the cover of the record! The theme is Tucson missions, so make it good! (Can't go wrong with San Xavier...)

Pledge $50 or more
Can''t thank you enough! But let us start by sending you a copy of this limited-run, 7-inch vinyl record. There will only be 500 of these babies on the entire planet! A digital download card will eliminate the need to take your record player to the park, thereby preventing people from staring at you on your jog. Of course, you'll also receive a unique thank you photo containing the band (possibly walking dogs or juggling). Finally, 8x10 black and white prints of all 3 photos used on the record cover! The theme is Tucson missions...That's cool!

Pledge $100 or more
Benjamin Franklin?! Wow, thank you! You get a limited-edition copy of the vinyl 7-inch record for sure. And a digital download card. And a thank you picture. And check this out- you get a private drum lesson from Ryan! Can't beat THAT. Get it? Nothing.

Pledge $500 or more
In addition to all of the goodies in the $50 package, Sean will build you a custom piece of furniture!! Yeah, you read that correctly. He's multi-talented, and you'll be the recipient of said talent. This item will be wooden in nature, and shall forever be a conversation piece in your home.

Pledge $1,000 or more
WHAAAAAAT?!!! That's NUTS! So we're giving you the recorded goods, the thank you photo, cover art prints....and how about we play a live set at your house? We'll even play a cover tune of you choice. The evening will only be complete if we bring pizza for as many friends as can legally fit inside your dwelling. Don't forget- fire code guidelines need to be followed, or Kevin will lay the hammer down!

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Monday, September 24, 2012


Saint Maybe
Things As They Are

- Everything At Once (And More)
- Houses For Ghosts
- Delicate Prey
- She’s Alright

- Way With Words
- Everything That Rises
- Take It Easy (But Take It)
- Things As They Are

Coming soon... October 30, 2012!