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Wilmington, North Carolina



Friday, July 16, 2010


Fort Lowell Records has partnered up with The Vinyl Baron to celebrate the release of each FLR 7inch record. Band members from the 7inch that is being celebrated join The Vinyl Baron at Hotel Congress, in downtown Tucson, AZ, to spin some of their favorite music on vinyl! This always takes place on the Friday night that follows the release date for their 7inch record. This tradition began with Young Mothers, back on April 23, 2010, and will carry on again this coming Friday, July 16th, with video?. J Lugo Miller, from video? will be spinning some soul records, as well as some of the beats he used in various video? recordings, including beats from "I'm Afraid Of Everything," video?'s song featured on their FLR 7inch.

To help celebrate the night, Fort Lowell Records is offering a drink special in honor of 7inch records, called The $7 Holler! For just $7 you can get a FLR 7inch record and a 7-N-7 Mixed Drink (Seagram's 7 Whiskey with 7-Up)! And, if you don't particularly like 7-N-7's, then the fine people at Hotel Congress will be happy to serve you up another type of well drink or beer of the same value. We won't let you go thirsty! Just don't drink and drop (the vinyl)! Stop by the merchandise table to purchase your FLR 7inch and receive a drink ticket you can take to the bar. Otherwise, 7inch records are $5.

Remember, every Friday Night following our release dates, plan to join us with The Vinyl Baron at Hotel Congress! You will get to hang out with the band members and hear them spin some of their favorite vinyl records!