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Saturday, June 22, 2024

BMN Exclusive Premiere: Tercel "Tiny Towns" - Your New Fav Indie Rock from NC

[Repost from Blood Makes Noise; May 9, 2024]

Melodic up-beat despair, sparking nostalgia for things you’ve never known. Tercel’s debut single release “Tiny Towns” is a symphony of escape and acceptance, a tune you’ll surely hear in your wildest dreams.

 Both Robin and Savannah Wood's vocals bring the sound of wind through wheat grass, sweet like honey suckle and you can taste a subtle southern root just the same. Poetic lyrics keep the water in your eyes, instead opting for a heavy longing in your chest that hurts just right. Picture the wrought iron fences, striped shirt lawn jockeys, wrap around porches piled high with broken parlor pianos, diaper changing tables waiting for another generation, loud calls for another beer to the kitchen, that’s the America Sound I found in Chris Vinopal’s guitar. Riffs I’d swear I’ve always known found in this song, reaching through my memories and making them dance. Soft drums from Taylor Salvetti tap out a metaphor of life's passing. As the snare cracks the dawn of rising intensity there’s a feeling that this moment might last, only for a slow fall to take us back down to the soft rhythm that brought us in.

 Tercel has the glow of a summer tan, of lightning bugs, of the final days on the coast before vacation's over. Music to dance to, to make you feel life between your fingers and toes as you roll around in Bermuda grass, to repeat quietly, without realizing, as you make eggs in the morning. The soundtrack of being alive.

 “Tiny Towns” is being released by Fort Lowell Records on Tuesday, May 14th as a digital single that will be available on all music platforms worldwide.  The track is Tercel’s official debut release, although there is one earlier Bandcamp-only release Tercel made available last year titled Grow Light – The Stowe Tapes.  Today, Blood Makes Noise is excited to provide you with the World Premiere of “Tiny Towns” in advance of the release.