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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

‘Camouflage’ by Summer Set | New Self-Titled Album

[Repost from It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine; by Klemen Breznikar, October 23, 2023]

Exclusive track premiere of ‘Camouflage’ by Summer Set, taken from their upcoming self-titled album, out November 3rd, 2023 via Fort Lowell Records.

Summer Set’s first official release is a timeless collection of mostly down-tempo captivating indie rock. Frontman Brian Weeks (Reverse, The Rosebuds) is a master at musical production and songwriting. His lyrical content and delivery, backed by an indisputable knack for melody and rhythm, provide an immediate sense of comfort, ease, and familiarity. The group’s self-titled album, Summer Set, is chock full of pop gems that will have you singing along before the record is over.

Hailing from Wilmington, North Carolina, Summer Set originally formed at the start of the third millennium with Weeks joined by musical partner Robert Rogan and a revolving cast of friends — Jeff Reardon (Rodeo Boy), Seth Moody (The NoSeRiDeRs), Jonathan Bass (The Rosebuds), Tripp Cox (Onward, Soldier). In those early years, various recording sessions and self-produced releases would document the band’s incarnation. But eventually Summer Set would evolve to become a more-or-less two-man operation in its second decade, foreshadowing what was to come from Weeks and Rogan years later as De La Noche; an Indie RnB project featuring long time friend Ivan Howard from The Rosebuds on vocals. Now, more than twenty years later, this first proper album from Summer Set is a formal testimony chronicling their sheer brilliance.

“The band has been through long spells of inactivity, but it’s still an active band”

How much time and preparation went into making your album?

Brian Weeks: It took over 20 years to make this record. The songs had been recorded and shared online and through CDrs, but were never officially released. Some of the songs were written while I was living in San Francisco in 2001-2002, and most were recorded through home recording methods over the last 15 years or so. Two songs on the record are part of a recording session we did with Michael Swart. The record features songs from three different line-ups of musicians that have played in the Summer Set.

Can you share some further words about the making of the record?

A few years ago, I was fortunate to befriend James Tritten and Tracy Shedd from Fort Lowell Records, and they were interested in putting out a Summer Set record. James and Tracy went through my old recordings and liked what they heard. They were surprised that the songs hadn’t had a proper release. Due to their enthusiasm, I let them pick the songs and sequence for the record. I’m so happy that these songs will finally be available. It’s always been a life-long dream to have a vinyl record of my music.

How did you originally get together and what was the overall vision of the band?

Summer Set started as a 4-track project, a way to keep in touch with my friends back in NC when I had moved away. We would send tapes back and forth of new music and I started sending my own goofy songs. I would title the tapes based on the seasons. I sent a tape called Summer Set because the songs were written in the summer and the name stuck for me. When I moved back to NC, I started a band called Summer Set. Looking back, I’d say that we always wanted to write catchy songs with memorable melodies and lots of guitars. The band has been through long spells of inactivity, but it’s still an active band.

What’s next for you?

The band has begun playing live shows again and we are writing and recording new songs. The current line-up is Dustin Codair on drums, John Manning on guitar, Robert Rogan on bass and me on guitar and vocal. We will be putting out an album of recently written songs in the future.