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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

80s Dance Night in Wilmington NC - Friday, May 3rd at The Underfront Co.

LET'S DANCE is a Vinyl DJ Night hosted by Fort Lowell Records around various venues in Wilmington, North Carolina.  This coming Friday, May 3rd, we are partnering with deejay / hip-hop producer RizzyBeats to bring you a very special 80s Night edition of our LET'S DANCE event at The Underfront Co. bar on Front Street in Downtown Wilmington NC.  James Tritten, owner of Fort Lowell Records, will be swappin' joints with RizzyBeats on the ol' 1s and 2s from 8:00pm until midnight, spinnin' everything from 80s boogie, freestyle, hip-hop, new wave, pop, post-punk, R&B, rock-n-roll, synthpop, name it!  Plus, the dynamic duo is going to be rockin' it Egyptian Lover style with a real Roland 808 Analog Drum Machine from the 1980s on stage, live beat matching and remixing the vinyl records they'll be playing.  So join us at The Underfront Co. this coming Friday, May 3rd... and LET'S DANCE!


Monday, April 29, 2024

Red Dwarf Star: Lady Aurora Borealis

Maserati guitarist Coley Dennis flies solo with his Red Dwarf Star project. He doesn't stray all that much for the psychedelic post-rock that he has been creating with the Athens, GA band. His new single Lady Aurora Borealis - the Espresso Machine Mix to be precise - is a slow moving trip through outer space, with Dennis never revealing if it is a real or imaginary journey. He stacked the guitar parts way up high, with Kellii Scott from Los Angeles alt-rock band Failure playing up a storm on drums. It left him two ways to make himself heard: scream at the top of lungs or going for an almost spoken word part draped over the mayhem. He chose wisely, and picked the latter.

The B-side is a harsh reimagining of the Pink Floyd classic Fearless, turning it into a slowed down metal tune as if the Sisters of Mercy were picking a fight with Black Sabbath. Allen Epley from Kansas City indie rock band The Life and Times stepped up to the mike for this one. He got buried deep in the mix, but that is intentional.

Lady Aurora Borealis is released via Fort Lowell Records.

Live dates (with Maserati):
  • 05/07 Lausanne, Switzerland @ Le Bleu Lezard
  • 05/08 Besançon, France @ Antonnoir
  • 05/09 Strasbourg, Franc @ La Grenze
  • 05/10 Gent, Belgium @ Dunk! Festival
  • 05/11 Luxembourg, Luxembourg @ Out of the Crowd Festival
  • 05/12 Utrecht, Netherlands @ De Helling

» Red Dwarf Star on Instagram

Friday, April 26, 2024

OUT NOW: Naïm Amor "Freeway Race" [Digital Single]

The second single "Freeway Race" from Naïm Amor's twelfth studio album Stories is out today on all digital music platforms. For fans of The Black Keys, Black Midi, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Nels Cline, Edwyn Collins, The Cramps, The Fleshtones, Richard Hawley, King Krule, La Luz, Los Straightjackets, Man or Astro-man?, JD McPherson, Messer Chups, The Meteors, Roy Orbison, The Shadows, Shannon & The Clams, The Sonics, The Surfrajettes, Surprise Chef, Tijuana Panthers,The Tremolo Beer Gut, Whatitdo Archive Group, Jack White, and Link Wray.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Female Gaze "Severance"

[Repost from Stereobar; April 7, 2024]

Before even a single word is sung, “Severance” by Female Gaze casts its spell. The track, an enchanting blend of psychedelia and shoegaze, starts with a compelling bass line that immediately grabs your attention. By the time Nelene DeGuzman’s vocals drift in, you’re already deeply immersed in its sonic world. This song manages to take what sounds like an oxymoron – “trippy shoegaze” – and turns it into an alluring, cohesive sound that’s hard to resist. With its six-minute runtime, “Severance” teases its conclusion several times, only to dive deeper into its mesmerizing soundscape, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its depth. Each continuation feels like a gift, prolonging the warm, captivating experience Female Gaze has crafted. This track is a standout from their upcoming album Tender Futures, set for release on May 17 via Fort Lowell Records, showcasing the band’s ability to blend genres and create music that’s both innovative and deeply affecting.

Friday, April 19, 2024

OUT NOW: Red Dwarf Star "Lady Aurora Borealis" [Digital Single]

Red Dwarf Star is the brainchild of guitarist Coley Dennis of the long running Athens, GA Post Rock/Kraut band Maserati.

Located now in Lausanne, Switzerland — Red Dwarf Star that’s taken Dennis back to his roots in the early 90’s. Tapping into Creation Records bands like Slowdive, Swervedriver as well the Cure and Cocteau Twins, it has served as a sonic pallet for his first ever solo output.

Adding as well mid-90’s U.S. “Midwest Core” influences like HUM, Failure, Quicksand and Shiner, Dennis is creating beautiful but powerful sonic landscapes reminiscent of the lush shoegaze sounds aforementioned.

Drawing inspiration from leaving his home country in 2015 for a new life, starting a family, and a new career has inspired Dennis to write his most personal material to date.

For the recording Dennis enlisted the drumming duties of Kellii Scott (Failure) on his first solo Red Dwarf Star release.

In the live arena he enlisted the help of Leipzig, Germany post-rockers JeffK composed of Steffen Ziemann behind the kit as well as Matthias Poese (guitar) and Börge Meyn (bass) to round out the group.

The debut release for Red Dwarf Star — a digital single for the song "Lady Aurora Borealis", paired with a cover of Pink Floyd's "Fearless" — is out now on all digital music platforms.

Catch Red Dwarf Star live in concert: 
  • May 7: Lausanne, CH @ Le Bleu Lezard
  • May 8: Besançon, FR @ Antonnoir 
  • May 9: Strasbourg, FR @ La Grenze 
  • May 10: Gent, BE @ Dunk! Festival 
  • May 11: Luxembourg, LX @ Out of the Crowd Festival
  • May 12: Utrecht, NL @ De Helling
    All dates supporting Maserati

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Suitcase Full of Emotions

[Repost from Aldora Britain Records; b Tom Hilton, April 10, 2024]

Tucson, Arizona is the home to post-rock experimentalists LA CERCA.  Combining the disparate worlds of ambient avant-garde, shoegaze, and spacey psychedelic rock, this Southwestern sonic collective deliver something undeniably fresh and completely reinvigorating.  Their original compositions are brooding and unfolding soundscapes, pushing boundaries and gloriously disrespecting borders.  Records such as 2018’s Night Bloom and 2020’s A Nice Sweet Getaway are archetypal snapshots of La Cerca’s delightful approach, stellar adventures through creative worlds, a never-ending journey of discovery.  With the fourth anniversary of A Nice Sweet Getaway fast approaching, key bandmember Andrew Gardner agreed to chat with Aldora Britain Records about La Cerca’s experimentations so far.  We discuss the coming together of the group, a selection of their recorded output, their approach to songcraft, and much, much more.  That exclusive in-depth conversation is published here in full for the very first time.  

La Cerca have previously contributed their track ‘Free of Expectation’ to our independent, underground music sampler ‘We Didn’t Start the Fight’.  Listen or download HERE.

If you enjoy this content, please consider making a small, magazine-sized donation at the following link:  Thank you!

Aldora Britain Records: Hello Andrew, how are you?  I am excited to be talking with such an experimental musician.  I am a big fan of what you do!  Let’s start off by rewinding the clocks.  What are some of your earliest musical memories and what was it that first pushed you towards pursuing this passion of yours?

Andrew Gardner: Hello Tom, I just got back from a thirteenday West Coast tour with La Cerca.  It was eight shows.  It rained a lot in Southern California, where it’s not supposed to rain.  We had a lot of winter weather.  In Tucson, spring is starting, but not so much for the West Coast.  We jokingly called the tour ‘Prolonging the Winter 2024’.

I grew up in a small town in Ohio before we moved to Tucson, Arizona.  Our neighbours had a guest living in their basement who had an organ.  I would be over at their house asking to go downstairs to watch the player, but I was denied, so I would put my ear to the floor.  Music was always a constant.  My mom had a good record collection and I was taught how to carefully handle albums and turn them over on the turntable at a young age.  Everybody knew that music was the direction for me.  I had opinions on Jimi Hendrix records, Dark Side of the Moon, and Sgt. Pepper.  I loved the 1980s Top 40, at least up until 1987.  The first album I purchased with my paper route money was David Bowie’s Let’s Dance.  The Fixx, Reach the Beach was my second album.  I was lucky enough to have guitar lessons.  Within a couple of years, I was drafting the neighbour kids to start a band.

Aldora Britain Records: And now, let’s take a leap forward to the beginnings of the brilliant La Cerca.  The early days of the group must have been such an invigorating time.  How did it come to be?  How did you meet the other members and what was the initial spark that brought you all together on a musical level?

Andrew Gardner: La Cerca evolved from my band called Wise Folk Malcontent, which played the underground rock scene in Tucson from 1992 to early 2000.  The musicians wanted a name change because we had felt that we had arrived on a musical level and they were aspiring to be permanent musicians.  We were fans of 1970s punk rock and art rock, New Order, The Cure, and 90s American indie rock.  Within a year and a half, those musicians had moved on to other projects only a few months after the release of our first album Goodbye Phantom Engineer, 2001 on Unlike Label.  It was again a revolving member band surrounding my songwriting.

Miguel Villarreal was my neighbour who loved La Cerca’s music so much that he decided to play bass from 2002 to 2012.  I decided to be in a band with my neighbours as much as possible, but that limited us to not being able to tour.  That was okay for a while, but touring aspirations kicked in and I would go out by myself and then grab a friend or two along the way and we would go play shows sporadically across the States, then pairing down to just me playing solo shows.  Bill Oberdick came onboard as guitarist in 2005.  He is still a big part of La Cerca’s sound.  By the time he had joined, I felt like the real band had started.

Aldora Britain Records: In 2020, you released a fantastic record in the form of A Nice Sweet Getaway.  This was my introduction to your work, so I look back on it very fondly.  What are your memories from composing, recording and releasing this set, and is there anything that you would edit or change with the benefit of hindsight?

Andrew Gardner: In 2013 and early 2014, the band was in a kind of limbo waiting for mastering and pressing of our third album, Sunrise for Everyone.  I was working at a guitar shop and acquiring better gear.  I was learning how to use a Tascam handheld two-track recorder.  I just got a monster delay pedal, the TC Electronic Flashback X4 Delay, with a decent fortysecond looper.  I was obsessed with pedals.  It used to be that I had a chorus, fuzz, and delay.  Now there was much more on my palette.

After La Cerca band rehearsals, I started these recording experiments.  I would place the recorder in different places to see how the room would sound.  I started making these ambient mood jams.  I didn’t think that much of it, but in the back of my mind, I thought that some of the recordings were listenable.  I started treating them like ‘songs’, but I would improvise.

Sometimes, I had ideas in advance, like ‘Ice Cubes’, other times, it was made up on the spot, like ‘Walking the Underbelly’.  I would have my neighbours over to listen on our porch while I was in the process.  I would go to our nearby venue, The Flycatcher, RIP, and record the jams in the lounge, like ‘Gloomy Vista Way’.  Sometimes, the songs were sculpted for an hour before I hit record, like ‘Shimmering Peacock’.

At the time, I was just trying out ideas and creating new ideas.  I wanted to be spontaneous and keep a performance feel.  There were no overdubs.  I gave a burned CD to a couple of friends and that was about as far as it went.  I liked it, but I didn’t think it was good enough to release.  It was just some ideas for later.  By April of 2020, we had to cancel a tour and the rest of the music world was on pause.  I started listening to these lo-fi recordings.  It felt very fresh and it still had a lot of melody to the noise.  It was interesting to see how I was nowhere near the state of mind, but that state of mind was perfect for our pandemic world.

It became a soundtrack to strange times.  I felt like it wasn’t too far off from the noise and melody that La Cerca made.  It just wasn’t made with any bandmates.  We already had a project in the works, but I had many more actual songs and there wasn’t a studio open for us to record.  I had not yet set up my living room with the studio that I have today.  I had Jim Waters do some sonic treatments and EQing.  It has a new life and I wanted to share it with the world.

Aldora Britain Records: I am fascinated by the way you make these intense, immersive soundscapes.  There is just something about La Cerca’s songcraft!  How do you approach this part of your creative process?  Is it a case of jamming away and striking gold, or is it a more methodical and repeatable approach?

Andrew Gardner: For A Nice Sweet Getaway, about one-third of the tunes were improvised on the spot with very little or zero planning.  One-third were sculpted in advance with a loop or two already crafted beforehand or had some editing, post-recording.  The remaining were a little bit of both.  Sometimes, I would come up with a title first and go with how I was feeling.  Other times, I thought about a feeling and was seeing if I could recreate a sonic version of that feeling.  The goal was to keep it ‘live’ as possible.  I had a lot of jams that didn’t go anywhere, or so I was thinking at the time.  By performing them and pressing the record button, it gave me the pressure to figure out how to finish them.

Aldora Britain Records: Previously, if we travel back to 2018, you unveiled another stellar LP called Night Bloom.  This is a brilliant earlier snapshot of the band and your artistry.  How do you reflect on this set as a whole now, and how would you say you have grown and evolved as a band since its initial release?

Andrew Gardner: Night Bloom is a widescreen version of the band.  We started writing those tunes as early as 2012 or before.  We were able to play them at our shows earlier in the songs’ existence.  We still play many of those songs in our live performance.  ‘Echolocation’ and ‘Tumbling Boulder’ have a bit of an ambient feel.  As for the new material we have been working on, there is a bit more of an ambient feel.  However, the new material also has older songs or ideas that have been around since the beginning of the band.

Aldora Britain Records: As you well know, I am a big fan of the La Cerca sound and your approach to making music.  That psychedelic shoegaze wall of sound.  Brilliance!  How would you say this style of yours came about, what goes into it for you, and who are some of your biggest influences and inspirations as a band?

Andrew Gardner: In the late 80s, Top 40 music was becoming boring for me, so I turned the dial left to the college radio stations and watched MTV’s 120 Minutes.  I discovered bands like Ride, Pale Saints, Spacemen 3, Dinosaur Jr.  I am still listening to those bands today.  I can’t speak for the other guitarist, Bill Oberdick, but I know he had a similar experience with college radio and discovering bands like Fugazi, R.E.M., and Minutemen.  As music went in and out of fashion, I was still into bands with loud noisy guitars and I made my own versions of that music.  We tend to go for vintage 60s guitar and amps, but we use modern pedals.  We like our fuzz pedals, chorus and whammy or vibrotos.

Aldora Britain Records: A broad question to finish.  We have been through such a unique time in history over the last few years.  Both politically and within society, and that is before you throw in the pandemic.  How have the last several years impacted on you personally and as an artist?  How do you think this time has changed the music industry, both for the good and the bad?

Andrew Gardner: When the pandemic hit, I had a bunch of musical projects to explore.  I had a bunch of half songs that I wanted to finish because I felt they were worth finishing.  Going through a backlog of material was frustrating and yet informing me as a reminder of where I’ve been as a person and where I wanted to go.  I also felt that I was a lazy songwriter.  In the past, I would start songs but not finish them and then the song would get placed on tapes for later.  2020 was the time to finish songs, and so I finished forty songs during the summer.  And then twenty more a year later.  Some of the songs were mostly written, some were just ideas, others needed new lyrics.

The other issue was that I did not have a way to record the songs properly.  I had my handheld recorder which worked for the time being.  I saved money and purchased some great mics and the rest of the recording gear, so I didn’t have to go to an expensive recording studio for all of my songs.  Having a session in the living room actually works well for my lifestyle and the songs are more realised.  I am more focussed than I have ever been.  I have been able to create a life where I can go on tour more often.

As for changes in the music industry, I feel as though music is not as appreciated as it once was.  There is an idea that musicians should release more frequently.  I agree to that, but I find that if we release something without promoting it properly or not releasing it on vinyl, it may become lost in a digital haystack.  I’m not the best at social media and self-promoting is not my favourite thing to do, but it has to be a big part of the promoting platform.  So, now I have to be good at social media and make better artwork for shows, make more videos, and learn how to edit.  La Cerca is a touring band, we can’t only release music, but there might be a future of not touring with the way gas, food, and hospitality have gone up.  It seems there are less show venues and not enough people supporting live music.  Some of that might also be generational.  Young adults spend more time on their phone at home with a much shorter attention span.  Same can be said about people my age.

Quickfire Round

AB Records: Favourite artist?  Andrew: Too many favourites.  I am still a big fan of The Cure.  AB Records: Favourite album?  Andrew: Too many favourites!  Big Star, Radio City; American Music Club, Mercury; Bob Dylan, Blonde on Blonde; The Cure, Disintegration.  AB Records: Last album you listened to from start to finish?  Andrew: The Go-Betweens, Before Hollywood.

AB Records: First gig as an audience member?  Andrew: The Commodores or Cheap Trick.  AB Records: Loudest gig as an audience member?  Andrew: Tucker B’s.  AB Records: Style icon?  Andrew: Skate shoes, flannel, Mark Gonzales.

AB Records: Favourite film?  Andrew: River’s Edge.  Not the best, but hilarious and creepy. 

AB Records: Favourite TV show?  Andrew: The Young OnesAB Records: Favourite up and coming artist?  Andrew: Null State. 

Monday, April 15, 2024

Blab School - "Scrolls"

[Repost from If It's Too Loud; by Ken Sears, April 10, 2024]

We were huge fans of Teens in Trouble's album What's Mine when it was released earlier this year. That led me to discover Blab School, which shares Lizzie Killian on guitar and vocals. The North Carolina band just released a new single, "Scrolls," and chances are if you liked Teens in Trouble, you're going to love Blab School. The press release for Blab School's upcoming debut album compares them to bands such as Jawbox, The Jesus Lizard, Drive Like Jehu, Superchunk, and Bad Religion, among others. I can't argue with any of those, but I hear the tuneful early indie rock/emo of Superchunk mixed with the primal power of The Jesus Lizard. If that even remotely interests you (and how could it not?), you're going to need to check out "Scrolls."

You can listen to "Scrolls" above. Blab School's self-titled debut album is due out June 6 on Fort Lowell Records, and is available for pre-order through Bandcamp. For more on Blab School, check out the band on Facebook and Instagram.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Female Gaze - "Severance"

[Repost from If It's Too Loud; by Ken Sears, April 4, 2024]

Usually I wait for the vocals to kick in before deciding I love a song, but I fell in love with "Severance" from Female Gaze about twenty seconds before Nelene DeGuzman's vocals started. The song starts off with this killer bass line, and then at roughly the seventeen second mark the guitar kicks in, and I was completely won over. The song has this gorgeous blend of psychedelia meets shoegaze that is irresistible. I know I would have balked at "trippy shoegaze," but Female Gaze make it work. All of "Severance" has this warm quality that just draws you in, and you just never want this sound to end. With it's six minute length, there are plenty of times it feels like it's just about to end, and then it just keeps going, and going, and each time you become more and more invested in its beauty.

You can listen to "Severance" below. Tender Futures is due out May 17 on Fort Lowell Records, and is available for pre-order here. For more on Female Gaze, check out the band's website.

Friday, April 12, 2024

OUT NOW: Blab School "Never Enough" [Digital Single]

The second single from Blab School’s self-titled debut album is available now on all digital music platforms. "Early indie rock/emo of Superchunk mixed with the primal power of The Jesus Lizard" ~ If It's Too Loud

Thursday, April 4, 2024

OUT NOW: Female Gaze "Severance" [Digital Single]

The first and only single "Severance" from Female Gaze's debut album Tender Futures is out today on all digital music platforms.

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Blab School

[Repost from 3Hive; by Todd Simmons, March 11, 2024]

Blab School is a rad new band out of North Carolina. The band consists of Ryan Seagrist (Discount, The Kitchen), Elizabeth Killian (Teens In Trouble, Glowing Stars), Dave Cantwell (Analogue, Cold Sides, In the Year of the Pig), and Fikri Yucel (Veronique Diabolique). I found out about these guys when I read “FOR FANS OF: Bad Religion, Buzzcocks, Descendants, Drive Like Jehu, The Faction, The Fucking Champs, Gang of Four, Green Day, The Hives, Hot Snakes, Jawbox, The Jesus Lizard, Les Savy Fav, Lightning Bolt, Meatbodies, Melt-Banana, Metz, Osees, Pipe, Pissed Jeans, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Superchunk, The Thermals” on Fort Lowell’s Instagram page, teasing their debut album. I was able to get my ears on a sneak peek from my friends at Fort Lowell, and I have been hooked ever since.

We are beyond stoked to bring you the premiere of the first single, “Scrolls”, from their incredible debut, self-titled album. “Scrolls” exceeded all my expectations from the list of “for fans of” above. It is a burner from the get-go with punishing drums, chunky bass lines, and razor-sharp guitars, sounding like Pretty Girls Make Graves meets Superchunk!

Blab School comes out in June via Fort Lowell Records. This is a must have record! You can pre-order it here and pre-save “Scrolls” here. Enjoy.

Friday, March 29, 2024

OUT NOW: Forest Fallows “Saturday Rose” [Digital Single]

The first single "Saturday Rose" from Forest Fallow's sophomore album Palisades is available now on all digital music platforms.

Friday, March 22, 2024

OUT NOW: Naïm Amor "The Start Over" [Digital Single]

The first single "The Start Over" from Naïm Amor's twelfth studio album Stories is out today on all digital music platforms. 

Thursday, March 14, 2024

OUT NOW: Blab School "Scrolls" [Digital Single]

The first single from Blab School’s self-titled debut album is available now on all digital music platforms. “It is a burner from the get-go with punishing drums, chunky bass lines, and razor-sharp guitars, sounding like Pretty Girls Make Graves meets Superchunk!” ~

Also, today is a very special for an entirely other reason: Happy Birthday to Fikri Yucel, bass player of Blab School! w00t!w00t! Let’s eat cake, AND rock out! 

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Pre-Order Forest Fallows Sophomore Album

Forest Fallows, the bedroom recording project of Mike Barnett and Alex Morton, has teamed up with John McEntire (Stereolab, Tortoise, Modest Mouse) to produce their sophomore album Palisades, a mellow, vintage-esque indie record. Based in Tucson AZ, their sound is a blend of the production and style of the 60’s and 70’s with the quirks of 90’s indie and post rock. Their influences range widely from pop outliers Steely Dan and Gerry Rafferty to underground visionaries Tortoise and Michael Nau.

For fans of Animal Collective, Ariel Pink, Atlas Sound, The American Analog Set, Beach Boys, Broadcast, Mac DeMarco, Destroyer, Drugdealer, Ducktails, Esquivel, Goth Babe, Richard Hawley, JPW, Lauds, The Ocean Blue, Peel Dream Magazine, The Radio Dept., Radiohead, Real Estate, The Sea & Cake, Stereolab, Sugar Candy Mountain, The Sundays, Kurt Vile, Yo La Tengo, Wild Nothing, and Woods.

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Pre-Order Naïm Amor Twelfth Studio Album

Like many musicians worldwide, Naïm Amor was working on the tracks for a new album when Covid hit and sent the recording and live music worlds into hibernation. And also like many, when he emerged he did with a finished record ready to be released into a music-hungry world. For Stories, his twelfth record since the mid 2000’s, the Parisian born and raised, long time Arizona resident Amor has crafted six instrumentals and three vocal numbers. While Stories may perhaps seem like an offbeat title for a record with several instrumental tracks, it’s also indicates what’s within; it’s raison d’etre is a cinematic approach to music making, one crafted to evoke images and feelings, unlock corners of known and unknown worlds, and yes, to tell stories; with or without the narrative of a human voice.

For fans of The Black Keys, Black Midi, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Nels Cline, Edwyn Collins, The Cramps, The Fleshtones, Richard Hawley, King Krule, La Luz, Los Straightjackets, Man or Astro-man?, JD McPherson, Messer Chups, The Meteors, Roy Orbison, The Shadows, Shannon & The Clams, The Sonics, The Surfrajettes, Surprise Chef, Tijuana Panthers,The Tremolo Beer Gut, Whatitdo Archive Group, Jack White, and Link Wray.

Monday, March 4, 2024

Pre-Order Female Gaze Debut LP

Female Gaze makes immersive art to get lost in. Their debut album, Tender Futures, is an experimental concept record that tracks an endless day/night cycle, exploring meditations on mindless-ness as a coping mechanism.

For fans of The Aislers Set, Ariel Pink, Babe Rainbow, Blonde Redhead, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Broadcast, Dead Meadow, The Flaming Lips, Galaxie 500, His Name Is Alive, JPW, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Khruangbin, Melody's Echo Chamber, Moses Gunn Collective, No Joy, Papercuts, Pond, Pure X, Spacemen 3, Sugar Candy Mountain, Mary Timony, The Velvet Underground, The Warlocks.

Monday, February 26, 2024

Pre-Order Blab School Debut Vinyl LP

Blab School is a post-punk quartet from North Carolina.  Their self-titled debut LP comes out on Fort Lowell Records on June 6, 2024.  Taking philosophical cues from American post-punk bands like the Wipers and Talking Heads, also incorporating the goth-adjacent tones of bands like Joy Division and Killing Joke, and adding the often danceable and joyfully nihilistic aesthetic of 21st-century punk, Blab School makes music that is simultaneously urgent and fun, upbeat and crooked, loud and thoughtful.

For fans of Bad Religion, Buzzcocks, Descendants, Drive Like Jehu, The Faction, The Fucking Champs, Gang of Four, Green Day, The Hives, Hot Snakes, Jawbox, The Jesus Lizard, Les Savy Fav, Lightning Bolt, Meatbodies, Melt-Banana, Metz, Osees, Pipe, Pissed Jeans, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Superchunk, and The Thermals.

Saturday, February 24, 2024


[Repost from Port City Daily; Shea Carver, February 22, 2023]

Dead Cool and Tracy Shedd — Great music is being planned for Bourgie Nights this weekend with a little darkwave synthpop from Wilmington’s post-punk darlings Dead Cool and indie stylings of Tracy Shedd. Shedd’s music has been on “Dawson’s Creek,” “One Tree Hill,” and “The Rebound,” and she has shared the stage with Cat Power, The Magnetic Fields and Iron & Wine. She continues releasing music  — including last year’s “Let It Ride” — on Fort Lowell Records, which she operates with her husband James Tritten. Dead Cool consists of another husband-and-wife team Johnny and Angie Yeagher, who began in the height of Covid and have grown to international acclaim in a short few years. They’ve been touring, released quite a few tracks, including a catchy dark remake of  Scorpion’s “Send Me An Angel,” and will be part of the double bill at Bourgie Nights. Doors are at 9 p.m.

The Pink Stones and Summer Set — A cosmic country outfit out of Athens, Georgia, The Pink Stones, will be joining Wilmington indie rockers Summer Set at Reggies 42nd Street Tavern on Saturday. The Pink Stones combine pedal steel and down-on-your-luck stylings of country with American rock and driving rhythms on their sophomore album “You Know Who.” The band very much gives Flying Burrito Brothers vibes. Summer Set, featuring founding members Brian Weeks and Robert Rogan, are quintessential to Wilmington’s indie scene. They paired up again over the last few years after a decade-long hiatus and are working on new music. It’s their first time playing Reggies, with a new lineup as well (read more about the band and their first album release from last fall, published by Port City Daily here).

Friday, February 23, 2024

17 things to do in the Wilmington area for the final weekend of February

[Repost from StarNews; by John Staton, February 21, 2024]


Feb. 24 at Bourgie Nights: Two of Wilmington's top musical acts team up for what should be an epic, stylistically diverse double bill.

Dead Cool is the 
Wilmington goth/darkwave/synth pop duo of Johnny and Angela Yeagher, who have attracted an audience for darkly catchy, retro songs about alienation and obsession. And while songs like "The Last Time" might have such lyrics as, "The future's so black I cannot see," there's also a playful side to Dead Cool. It shows up in their videos, with a cute little white fluffball of a dog trying to bite Johnny as he strolls around Greenfield Lake in "Until Death," and in their wickedly dark cover of '80s pop hit "Send Me An Angel."

Wilmington singer and songwriter Tracy Shedd is a veteran of the national indie rock scene who matches sweet, understated vocals with lyrics that can be at once subtle and searching. Shedd's latest single is "Let It Ride," a groovy, moody meditation on patience and trust. 
9 p.m. doors, 10 p.m. show, Feb. 24. Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 day of show.


Feb. 24 at Reggie's 42nd Street Tavern: Along with Pink Beds and Pink Skull Garden, this is the third "pink" band we've had in Wilmington recently. The Pink Stones hail from Athens, Georgia, and play what they term "cosmic country" or "spacey honky tonk." Good stuff.

Sharing the bill are Wilmington indie-rock stalwarts Summer Set, 
who last year came out of performance hibernation to drop an excellent new album of classic songs and newer work. With opening act Kit McKay. 7 p.m. Feb. 24, $15.


Feb. 24 at Palate: It's a busy Saturday night for Wilmington label Fort Lowell Records, with three acts on their roster in action. Along with Summer Set and Tracy Shedd, number three is Kicking Bird, which is led by singer-guitarist Shaun Paul and his wife, Shayla, who sings and plays keyboards. They both write hooky songs that rock while often carrying a girl-group sheen, with lyrics about love and life that make both the ups and the downs sound like celebrations. Kicking Bird's live show is a frenzied, sweaty affair, and their 2023 album "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" ain't too bad either. 7 p.m. Feb. 24, free.