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Monday, September 18, 2017


Not sure if you all picked up on this, but Young Mothers are back in business and making music again!  Young Mothers were the very first band that we released a record for - their single "Come On, The Cross."  Since, they have released a number of recordings on their own, before taking a bit of a break.  But we are happy to share that if you live in Arizona, you can see 'em again in action!

Check out their website for current information, concert dates, and new recordings:

Listen to their Fort Lowell Records release here:

Listen to their latest release here:

Back from the dead and with far too much on their minds, Young Mothers returns with “They Were Right”, a sunny-sounding rumination on the stupidity of consumer capitalism, depression-fueled isolation, and analysis-paralysis. The Phoenix, AZ group has a pedigree of sorts- songwriter Zach Toporek is an erstwhile member of The Through & Through Gospel Review and Diners; drummer Jason Roedl is formerly of Mergence notoriety; bassist Jess Pruitt plays in The Bittersweet Way and was previously a member of Field Trip. Together, they perform Toporek’s clever and accessible pop songs with obvious enthusiasm and hardly any cool.

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