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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Todd Simmons over at gives La Cerca's album, Sunrise for Everyone, a rave review! Check it out, and stream / download "Weather Festival" for free!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

I swear Saint Maybe makes the best concert posters.

We are definitely stoked about this show... both La Cerca and Saint Maybe live together, at The Flycatcher in Tucson AZ, Thursday, January 22, w/ friend Joe Pena!

Facebook Event Page

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Here is a list of record stores in a few states that we have either lived in, or visited, that we personally hand delivered our records to, for you to check out:

















This list is also provide on the right column of our website, so check back time and time again for updates, as we continue to add record stores to the list of retail outlets that carry our releases.

If you don't see a record store listed here, but you would like to add one, simply have the record store order our records from our distributor: StickFigure Distribution.  If the record store says they do not order with StickFigure Distribution, tell them they can also order through any of their partnersAK Press, B-Core (Spain), Baker And Taylor, Cargo UK (UK / Eire), Carrot Top, Conspiracy (Belgium), Day After (Czech Republic), Ebullition, Edge Distribution, Green Hell (Germany), No Idea, Revelation, Revolver, Sonic Rendezvous (Netherlands), Sonic Unyon (Canada), or Super Discount. 

Lastly, our friends over at also carry the full catalog of Fort Lowell Records.  They have a fantastic online store of independent releases, so be sure to browse their webstore.

Happy record shopping!  Thanks for the support!

Saturday, January 3, 2015


2014 was a very busy year for our lil' ol' label.  Not only did we undergo transitioning from Tucson AZ to Raleigh NC, but we also managed releasing four full length albums: La Cerca Sunrise for Everyone, the Good Graces Close to the Sun (a split release with our friends at Potluck Foundation), moyamoya moyamoya, and Naïm Amor Hear the Walls.  We are very thankful for all of the hard work each artist put into making these fantastic albums.  But we are also thankful for all of the media attention these records received collectively; it truly does help inform people about these great musicians - which is one of our main responsibilities and reasons for doing what we do. 
Below are links to all of the articles / posts written about these four artists / releases from 2014.  We hope you enjoy catching up on some reading!
July 14 - Here Comes The Flood
La Cerca Sunrise for Everyone Review, by Hans Werksman
July 18 - Zócalo Magazine
La Cerca Promises & Delivers, by Dan Rylander
July 21 - Get It On Vinyl
La Cerca Sunrise for Everyone Review, by TJ Goodwin
July 25 - Soft Concrete
We Review La Cerca's Wonderful New Album 'Sunrise for Everyone', by Kyle Chandler
July 27 - This Is Book's Music
Review: La Cerca’s “Sunrise For Everyone”, by John Book
July 29 - Blurt Magazine
That Summer Feeling: La Cerca, by Eric Swedlund
August 20 - Phoenix New Times
La Cerca's Big Sound Comes from Small Influences, by Josh Levine
August 29 - The Spec
La Cerca Sunrise for Everyone Review, by Deep Wallace
September 16 - Independent Clauses
the Good Graces Close to the Sun Premiere, by Stephen Carradini
September 29 - 7inches Blog
moyamoya self titled debut on Fort Lowell Records, by Jason Egan
October 1 - This Is Book's Music
The Good Graces release new album on Fort Lowell, by John Book
October 6 - Latest Disgrace
Stream: The Good Graces – “Standing in Line”, by Liz Sowell
October 12 - EU Jacksonville
moyamoya Releases Self-Titled Album, by Brenton Crozier
October 15 - PRX Public Radio Exchange
Searchlight: Indie Song Competition winner Kim Ware - The Good Graces, by Jason Wilber 
October 16 - Here Comes The Flood
the Good Graces Close to the Sun Review, by Hans Werksman
October 24 - Here Comes The Flood
moyamoya moyamoya Review, by Hans Werksman
October 27 - Examiner
the Good Graces release terrific 'Close to the Sun', by Kevin Triebsch
October 27 - Rebel Noise
Post-Rock Instrumentalists moyamoya Releases Debut Album, by Jen Dan
October 28 - Tucson Weekly
Double Release Day for Fort Lowell Records, by Eric Swedlund
October 31 - Get It On Vinyl
the Good Graces Close to the Sun Review, by TJ Goodwin
November 2 - Independent Clauses
Get on up get on up get on up, by Stephen Carradini
November 7 - 3 Story Magazine
For the love of Naïm, by James Hudson
November 22 - This Is Book's Music
Review: Moyamoya’s self-titled debut album, by John Book
November 22 - Here Comes The Flood
Naïm Amor Hear the Walls Review, by Hans Werksman
November 22 - This Is Book's Music
Review: The Good Graces’ “Close To The Sun”, by John Book
November 25 - Bluefat
Naïm Amor Hear the Walls Premiere, by John Payne
November 25 - Get It On Vinyl
moyamoya moyamoya Review, by TJ Goodwin
November 18 - Blurt Magazine
Track Premiere: Atlanta’s Good Graces (+ Album Release Party), by Fred Mills
December 3 - La route aux quatre chansons 
Changer d’air, by Francis Hérbert
December 3 - Blurt Magazine
the Good Graces Close to the Sun LP Review, by Fred Mills
December 8 - One Chord To Another
Naïm Amor Hear the Walls Review, by Vesa Lautamaki
December 9 - Phonograph Blues
One WMBR Co-Music Director's Top 28 Records of 2014, by Christopher Vyce
December 13 - Wilmington Star News Online
Fort Lowell Records moves to NC, by Brian Tucker
December 13 - The Big Takeover
The Good Graces – Close to the Sun (Fort Lowell), by Mark Suppanz
December 15 - Blurt Magazine
moyamoya moyamoya LP Review, by Fred Mills
December 16 - Get It On Vinyl
Naïm Amor Hear the Walls Review, by TJ Goodwin
December 17 - Independent Clauses
Grab Bag 3: Zach Winters / Naïm Amor, by Stephen Carradini
December 20 - 7inches Blog
La Cerca "Sunrise for Everyone" Review, by Jason Egan
December 29 - Yab Yum Music & Arts
The Fort Lowell Round Up, by Mark Anderson
December 31 - Das Klienicum
Listenterror: Die Besten Alben 2014, by Eike Klien
January 1, 2015 - KXCI 91.3FM Radio
Top 100 Albums of 2014, by Randy Peterson
January 3, 2015 - Independent Clauses
Top Albums of 2014: 20-11, by Stephen Carradini

Thursday, January 1, 2015