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Friday, August 23, 2019

INTERVIEW: Indie Folk Outfit The Good Graces

[REPOST from Vents Magazine; interview by RJ Frometa]
Hi there, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Pretty good, and thanks!

Can you talk to us more about your song “Crickets”?

I wrote “Crickets” late last summer. I had been dealing with some conflict with someone really close to me, and it was really wearing on me. I had had problems articulating how I really felt about it; what I felt like it had done to me. I was sort of stewing over it, and the song just kinda came out; once I started it, it was pretty quick. And I did feel like it did a pretty good job of capturing those conflicting feelings and emotions.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

You want details, I like it! LOL. Yes. 😉

Can you tell me about the inspiration behind the track “Snow Angels”?

“Snow Angels”  was written by my good friend Wyatt Espalin, and I loved the song from the moment I first heard it. I was asked to perform a song for his annual birthday show at Crimson Moon in Dahlonega (north of Atlanta) and I decided to do that one, but make it sound more like a Good Graces song. I slowed it down, finger picked it, made it a lot sadder. When it came time to pick the songs for the album, I wanted it to reflect my headspace and experiences from the past year, and the song just made sense. I’m so glad I got to include it.

How was the recording and writing process?

I tried to stay true to the feel of that live performance; it felt really good to strip it back but wanted it to also have a rootsy instrumentation, so we added things like mandolin and banjo. We recorded the rhythm section live (we did for the entire record) and then went back in and added those additional instruments. In the end, we focused a lot on the vocals. Wyatt’s song is so sad and nostalgic, and I wanted to make sure I preserved that. We especially had a good time layering the harmony vocals at the very end … that’s one of my favorite parts of the record!

How did the process of putting together your new album Prose & Consciousness differ from your previous releases?

It was very different. For “Set Your Sights,” my last record, I think we recorded a total of 24 songs. So we went in with way more than we could fit on the album, and then picked the songs we thought were the best to finish and mix. It kept it really organic — I didn’t really know what the record was going to be until I was like a year into it. But it also made it a bit more stressful (and a lot more time consuming) than it probably needed to be. With this one, I knew I wanted to work quicker and more efficiently. And I knew I wanted to record the majority of the tracks in one place, and then mix the album there too (which was also different from the last record, which I’m super proud of, but did end up being pretty hodge-podge). So really, I approached it in an almost opposite way compared to the last album, and all my previous albums, really. I settled on about 14 songs to start with and gave a few the boot along the way. But I was a lot more cognizant, from the very beginning, of what the end product would be. I remember coming up with the title really early on, and not changing it — for my last album I must have gone through 20 titles! I also made a concerted effort to not include a single breakup song, which was also really different for me, because I’ve written a lot of them! But that helped inform the “aboutness” of the album, and I think it kept it a little more focused than some of the previous ones.

What role does Atlanta play in your music?

Aww, I love this question, as I really love Atlanta! I would probably have never started the Good Graces had I not moved to Atlanta. I was a drummer for a couple of Atlanta-based singer-songwriters, Jeff Evans and Mary O. Harrison, and I just loved their songs. So I think that, in combination with going through a divorce just prior to the move, and finally seeing an old acoustic guitar for sale (really cheap) at a flea market all sort of collided in a way that the universe said “YOU NEED TO WRITE SONGS.” But the Atlanta influence was huge. I wrote an Atlanta ditty a few years ago (“State of Atlanta,”) sort of as a joke, but also because I love it so much it just felt like I needed to express that love in song.

What aspect of your life/lives did you get to explore on your LP Prose & Consciousness?

Ha – I’m a Gemini, so “lives” is very accurate. And wow, such a big question. I think I definitely explored the idea of being conflicted, feeling pulled in different directions. Balancing art and things I “want” to do with things I “need” to do comes out for sure. I’m smack dab in mid-life, and I’m childless, by choice, but that choice hasn’t necessarily been easy. There’s a song about that. So it’s pretty personal stuff, all around. I also finally took a serious look at my own mental health issues — anxiety, specifically — around the time of Anthony Bourdain’s death. That comes out in the record, too. I want to think I look at things about myself through a pretty critical lens but that in the end I give myself a break and say “this is me, flaws and all.”

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

I was pretty focused on family over the past year or so — watching my Dad’s declining health made me want to capture parts of him through the record (“His Name Was the Color That I Loved” is partly about him, and I also used a little snippet of his voice after the song “Wants + Needs” which was inspired by a real situation of cancelling a show to go back home and help take care of him). So there’s a good bit of family stuff on the album … I also like to think about our place in the universe, well maybe “like to” isn’t the right way to put it, but I sometimes find myself thinking about it, and feeling really small, but at the same time really connected to others. That comes out in the “Blood Orange Moon Shot” tune. I think the easy answer is I find inspiration everywhere. But particularly in nature and the people close to me.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes! I’m doing a small tour through NC after the album release, in November. But really want to hit it hard next year. Plans are in the works for a tour with my friend Annette Wasilik, a really great songwriter and guitar player from around the DC area. I also want to get back to the southwest in the fall of next year. And plan to do as much regional stuff as possible.

What else is happening next in The Good Graces’ world?

Our album release show is at Eddie’s Attic on Nov 14, so I’ll soon be super focused on the full-band practices for that. We haven’t had a full band tGG show since last August, and it’s also our first time headlining Eddie’s so I’m super excited. I’ve also recently started a monthly(ish) women’s in-the-round that I do here in Atlanta at Red Light Cafe. Each show features 3-4 women songwriters and we give a portion of the proceeds to a non-profit that works for or benefits women.

Listen here

Monday, August 12, 2019

The Good Graces Keep Their Loved Ones Close on "Snow Angels"

[REPOST from]

The story goes that the Good Graces started on an impulse, when Kim Ware bought her acoustic guitar, Buzzy, from Lakewood Antiques Market in 2006. The artist was well regarded as a drummer in the Atlanta scene, but she and Buzzy proved to be a perfect duo as songs began to flow out from them. Now, the Good Graces are a revered indie-folk collective known for delivering evocative songwriting, and in those regards, "Snow Angels" is no different. The song strikes a chord of spiritual beauty about keeping ties with your loved ones even after they've gone. It hits a poignant blend of emotions in the subtle buildup towards its crescendo, where Ware's reflective vocals are met by a broad stroke of folk instrumentation that, together, evoke their full sentiment.

"Snow Angels" is from the Good Graces' new album, Prose and Consciousness, releasing on 11 October. On the song, Ware recalls, "This is the only song on the new album that I didn't write. I did take some artistic liberties (which the writer was open to, thankfully!), but it was originally written by my dear friend Wyatt Espalin. The first time I heard him play it, several years ago around a campfire at his old campground, I instantly loved it. I was first drawn to the chord progression in the chorus because it was similar to a song I was working on at the time. I remember thinking, 'Hey, that sounds like something I might do.' That might have been what initially got my attention, but I'm a big lyrics person, and once I paid attention, the lyrics just killed me. They were so sad and nostalgic.

[Click here to listen to the Good Graces' new track, "Snow Angels"]

"About a year or so later I was asked to pick a song of Wyatt's to play at his annual birthday show at Crimson Moon. It didn't take me long at all to choose that one. The problem was learning how to play it, and learning it in time. So I decided to make it easier on myself and just play it like I'd play it if I had written it. I stripped it back and slowed it down (the original was a bit more rockin'), and simplified the bridge a little. People at the show really responded to it, and it just felt so great to play. When it came time to choose the songs to record for the new album, I wanted songs that captured the past year or so for me. This song really does that -- family has been a big thing for me lately, and this song has some of that; to me, it looks back at the past with a little bit of sadness and longing that I unfortunately think is pretty accurate. As we get older, relationships change and evolve, and sometimes you just miss when things were simpler. There's some of that in "Snow Angels", and also a good bit about identity, and coming to terms with who you are and what you really want, which is also a common theme of the album.

"I knew I wanted Wyatt involved in the recording and was fortunate to have him play fiddle on it. It's rather funny, the first 3/4 of it is so stripped down, but a lot of folks played on this one! Tim Anderson added cello -- and while he and Wyatt weren't aware of each other's parts at all (I don't think either of them had the other's part to track with), they magically worked together really well. There's also a bit of banjo (Rick Taylor) and mandolin (Andrew Vickery). We had a lot of fun mixing it; it's such a pretty song, and the vocals are really important, but I also was just loving how the band sounded near the end. So we ended up - quite last minute - bringing the vocals down to showcase the band a little more, and then back up at the very end. I'm happy we made that choice with it, it's one of my favorite parts of the album."

Written by Jonathan Frahm

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Folks, Kim Ware of the Good Graces from Atlanta GA is coming back to North Carolina to play a solo tour and promote some new songs she has been working on.  All dates are scheduled with PotLuck Records' Jphono1, who is promoting a new album he just released.  Don't miss the Good Graces this week while they are with us!

May 18 - 2nd Wind, Carrboro NC with S.E. Ward 
May 19 - New York Pizza, Greensboro NC with Turbocondo (Joel Darden) 
May 20 - Oskar Blues Brewery / Tasty Weasel Taproom, Brevard NC 
May 21 - Dragonfly Wine Bar, Shelby NC 

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Attention to the fine folks of the Left Coast...
The Good Graces of Atlanta GA are coming your way!  See the blog post below from Kim Ware of the Good Graces.  If you are able to provide any assistance, please contact her directly.  Thanks!

Saturday, September 19, 2015


The Good Graces (from Atlanta GA) were recently featured on Daytrotter.  They recorded the session while on tour with The Indigo Girls; traveling through Rock Island, IL. 

Take a listen here!

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Memories of June 2015, the birth month of fellow Gemini and the Good Graces' frontwoman, Kim Ware, will forever be thought of in shades of Indigo for Kim, Tracy, John, and Jim of the Good Graces, who just wrapped up a 10-day tour, opening sold-out shows with The Indigo Girls.  Below you can read a few of the many great articles written about the Good Graces from this recent tour, as well as watch a live television studio appearance they gave in Grand Rapids, MI on WOOD TV8.

The Good Graces will be celebrating their homecoming tomorrow, Sunday, June 28 at The Red Light Cafe in Atlanta, GA.  Details for the show are here on their Facebook Event Page.

The Good Graces will also be a part of the Fort Lowell Records Showcase in Jacksonville, FL at The Burro Bar on Friday, July 24, with labelmates moyamoya, Hey Mandible, and Tracy Shedd.  Details for the showcase are here on the Facebook Event Page.  Then, they will be playing the following night - Saturday, July 25 - in Tampa, FL at New World Brewery with Tracy Shedd's latest project (band) called Band & The Beat.

Hear Comes The Flood
Movement Magazine
Mountain Express
Chattanooga Now
Knoxville Daily Sun
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Neighborhood Newspapers

the Good Graces "Under the Weather"
the Good Graces "Before You Go"

Sunday, May 17, 2015


The Good Graces from Atlanta, GA are hitting the road this summer, including dates with The Indigo Girls; a tour invitation extended to the Good Graces after Emily Saliers (of The Indigo Girls) heard the Good Graces' track "Cold in California."  Catch the Good Graces live in concert this summer, and support independent music.

5/23Eddie's Attic - Decatur, GA with Lucas Mire' 

6/14The East Room - Nashville, TN with Granville Automatic and Wyatt Espalin 
6/16Daytrotter Session - Rock Island, IL 
6/16 - Second Unitarian Church - Chicago, IL 
6/17Meijer Gardens - Grand Rapids, MI with The Indigo Girls 
6/18Old Dog Tavern - Kalamazoo, MI with Valentiger 
6/19Summer Festival (Power Center) - Ann Arbor, MI with The Indigo Girls 
6/22Preservation Pub - Knoxville, TN 
6/23The Orange Peel - Asheville, NC with The Indigo Girls
6/24Track 29 - Chattanooga, TN with The Indigo Girls 
6/25Saenger Theatre - Mobile, AL with The Indigo Girls
7/24 - Burro Bar - Jacksonville, FL with moyamoya, Hey Mandible, and Tracy Shedd
7/25 - New World Brewery - Tampa, FL with Tracy Shedd

Thursday, March 19, 2015


If you are at SXSW this week, be sure to stop by the Music For Listeners Party at El Sapo in Austin TX tomorrow, Friday, March 20th to see the Good Graces!

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Here is a brand new music video from the Good Graces for their song "State of Atlanta."  Enjoy!

Friday, February 6, 2015


Folks in western North Carolina can catch the Good Graces playing this weekend:
- Friday, February 6 - Oskar Blues Brewery - Brevard NC
- Saturday, February 7 - Dragonfly Wine Market - Shelby, NC

Say "Hi!" to Jamie, Becky, and Randy for us in Shelby!
Enjoy the shows!

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Have you ever heard about  It is a web-based platform that gives musicians an opportunity to host online concerts so that fans can watch the performance in the comfort of their own home (or anywhere with an internet connection, for that matter.

Well, today... Super Bowl Sunday, February 1st, the Good Graces will be taking the stage at Wizkid Sound Studios, while you take a seat on your couch.  Their concert begins at 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time, so you'll have plenty of time to get your Patriotic or Seahawkin' cheer on following.


So sit back, take off your shoes, and enjoy the show!

Saturday, January 3, 2015


2014 was a very busy year for our lil' ol' label.  Not only did we undergo transitioning from Tucson AZ to Raleigh NC, but we also managed releasing four full length albums: La Cerca Sunrise for Everyone, the Good Graces Close to the Sun (a split release with our friends at Potluck Foundation), moyamoya moyamoya, and Naïm Amor Hear the Walls.  We are very thankful for all of the hard work each artist put into making these fantastic albums.  But we are also thankful for all of the media attention these records received collectively; it truly does help inform people about these great musicians - which is one of our main responsibilities and reasons for doing what we do. 
Below are links to all of the articles / posts written about these four artists / releases from 2014.  We hope you enjoy catching up on some reading!
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We Review La Cerca's Wonderful New Album 'Sunrise for Everyone', by Kyle Chandler
July 27 - This Is Book's Music
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July 29 - Blurt Magazine
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August 20 - Phoenix New Times
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August 29 - The Spec
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the Good Graces Close to the Sun Premiere, by Stephen Carradini
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October 12 - EU Jacksonville
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October 15 - PRX Public Radio Exchange
Searchlight: Indie Song Competition winner Kim Ware - The Good Graces, by Jason Wilber 
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Changer d’air, by Francis Hérbert
December 3 - Blurt Magazine
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December 29 - Yab Yum Music & Arts
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December 31 - Das Klienicum
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January 1, 2015 - KXCI 91.3FM Radio
Top 100 Albums of 2014, by Randy Peterson
January 3, 2015 - Independent Clauses
Top Albums of 2014: 20-11, by Stephen Carradini

Sunday, November 23, 2014


the Good Graces, featuring Kim Ware


Tracy Shedd

with Kim Ware & Lucas Miré, singing "Broken Arrows"

with Kim Ware, singing "Encourage Me"


Photographs by John McNicholas
Taken at Steve's Live Music, Sandy Springs GA
Friday, November 21, 2014

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


As the Good Graces celebrate the release of their latest album, Close to the Sun, it is with great pleasure that we share with you another reason for the Good Graces to celebrate.  Band leader, Kim Ware, was recently recognized by Public Radio Exchange (PRX) with their Searchlight Songwriter Competition as the 'Indie Song' winner for the Good Graces' track, "Under the Weather!"   Use the audio player below to listen to Kim's interview with PRX, as well as their song, "Under the Weather."  Enjoy the music, and "Congratulations, Kim!"


Monday, October 27, 2014


...that is when we celebrate, not just one record release, but two - the Good Graces Close to the Sun, and moyamoya moyamoya! You can put your order in now for their vinyl records, and we will ship out your order immediately; heck, probably today!  Thanks for the support!   Enjoy the music!



Wednesday, October 8, 2014



Order your copy today! (We will ship it out this weekend; shhhh... don't tell our distributor or the record stores!)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Saturday, September 13, 2014


To celebrate the release of the Good Graces' new album Close to the Sun, we are giving away a FREE signed test pressing of their vinyl record!  All of our releases are pressed by Rainbo Records in Canoga Park, California.  Before they begin manufacturing our orders, they send us four (4) copies of each release to review in advance,  just to be sure everything is a-ok for production; these copies are called test pressings, and they are the very first copies of the release (very rare).  We decided to have a little fun with the Good Graces and give one of these four test pressings away to one lucky fan!  Not only did they sign their test pressing that we are giving away, but the band also did their own rendition of their cover art!

If you want to win this one-of-a-kind copy of the Good Graces Close to the Sun test pressing, all you need to do is sign up to be a member of the Friends & Family of Fort Lowell Records in the form below.  We will be emailing our Friends & Family exclusively in the coming weeks for details on how to win this little gem!  Stay tuned!

Join the Friends & Family of Fort Lowell Records



We are super excited to be working with Kim Ware from the Good Graces, as well as our friends John, Reid, and Maria from Potluck Foundation, for the Good Graces' brand new album, Close to the Sun!  The digital release of the album on outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc. will be available on September 30th, while the vinyl record will be in stores on October 28th.  You will also be able to order the vinyl record directly from us here on our website.  In fact, you can go ahead and place your orders now for the Good Graces Close to the Sun vinyl record; we will ship it directly to you as soon as they are available.

Thank you for the support!
Fort Lowell Records