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Sunday, February 17, 2013


This morning, the other Fort Lowell Records 7inches welcomed their newest member of the family, fairweatherfriend, home, with flowers and all!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Zach Toporek, frontman of Young Mothers (the first band we released a 7inch with), performs their new tune "Go Mad," live at Lost Leaf in Phoenix AZ!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Saturday, June 16
Lost Leaf
914 N 5th Street
Phoenix AZ
(602) 258-0014

Young Mothers
Jess Williamson (from Austin TX)
Tracy Shedd
Snow Songs

Friday, January 20, 2012


Fort Lowell Records + Borderlands Brewing Co. have partnered together to celebrate the release of Andrew Collberg's "Dirty Wind" 7inch record. Come celebrate with us on Friday, February 3rd, from 4:00pm-7:00pm. This will be a free event to the public, and Borderlands Brewing Co. will have tastings of their amazing all natural hand-crafted beers for only $3.00. In addition, we will have copies of Andrew Collberg's 7inch record for $5.00, along with other records from our catalog.

4:00pm - Doors Open
4:45pm - Young Mothers
5:30pm - Tracy Shedd
6:15pm - Andrew Collberg

Borderlands Brewing Co. Microbrews:
- Santa Rita, a refreshing amber ale
- Borderlands Lager, perfect for desert days
- La Morena, nutty, toasty, brown ale
- Noche Dulce, moonlight vanilla porter
- Ol' Loco, ol' frontier's citrus IPA
- Prickly Pear Wheat, summer's sweet bounty

Learn more about Borderlands Brewing Co. here:

Learn more about Fort Lowell Records + Andrew Collberg here:

After the show, be sure to make your way over to Plush to celebrate the 7inch record release for our dear friends... The Electric Blankets! It's going to be a supergreat night in Tucson, with everyone pressing more vinyl records for your ears to be blessed with! Can't wait to pick up The Electric Blankets on wax! Here is more information about their show... Don't miss it!:

See you all at the shows!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


31 days on the road playing 26 shows in 24 different cities!

It has been seven years since Tracy Shedd has been on a proper US Tour; seven years too long.  Since Tracy Shedd's last days spent on the road, she has released some of her greatest recordings: Cigarettes & Smoke Machines (Teen-Beat Records 2008), EP88 (Eskimo Kiss Records 2010), and her split 7inch with Wet & Reckless (via our very own Fort Lowell Records 2010), as well as her contribution to the Luz de Vida benefit compilation (Fort Lowell Records 2011).  The world is ready to hear these songs live, and that they will!  Armed, this time not with her Avocado Green Microfrets guitar but instead, with what has become her signature Red Fender Telecaster, and now a piano along side, Tracy Shedd will be performing tracks from these recordings, and perhaps a new one or two!

Follow Tracy Shedd on her tour via her Facebook + Twitter posts!

Tracy Shedd | Winter Tour 2011
11.23.11 | Marfa, TX | Padre's
11.24.11 | day off
11.25.11 | Dallas, TX | Good Records In-Store | w/ Graceful Exit at 6:00pm
11.25.11 | Dallas, TX | The Kessler Theater | w/ Carolyn Wonderland and Daphne Willis at 7:00pm
11.26.11 | day off
11.27.11 | Austin, TX | Mohawk | w/ Follow That Bird, She Sir, and Quin Galavis
11.28.11 | Houston, TX | Rudyard's Pub | w/ The Mathletes
11.29.11 | New Orleans, LA | Siberia | w/ Au Ras Au Ras and Whom Do You Work For?
11.30.11 | Jacksonville, FL | Club TSI | w/ Moyamoya, AC Deathstrike, and DJ Cash
12.01.11 | Fernandina Beach, FL | The Green Turtle | w/ The Fornicorns
12.02.11 | Tampa, FL | Micro Groove Records In-Store | w/ Jennifer O'Connor - afternoon
12.02.11 | Tampa, FL | New World Brewery | w/ Rec Center - evening
12.03.11 | Atlanta, GA | 529 | w/ The Good Graces, Virginia Plane, and Book Club
12.04.11 | Raleigh, NC | Slim's | w/ Schooner and Miami Jetski
12.05.11 | Arlington, VA | The Galaxy Hut | w/ Talk It (Teen-Beat Showcase)
12.06.11 | Brooklyn, NY | The Rock Shop | w/ Tristen and Ravens And Chimes
12.07.11 | Pawtucket, RI | The News Cafe | w/ The Invisible Hours and Gertrude Atherton
12.08.11 | Philadelphia, PA | The Fire | w/ Lauryn Peacock
12.09.11 | Cleveland, OH | Cleveland Renaissance Hotel
12.10.11 | Chicago, IL | Red Line Tap | w/ Michael Alexander, Cassandra Henwood, Alejandra Oleary
12.11.11 | day off
12.12.11 | day off
12.13.11 | day off
12.14.11 | Seattle, WA | Columbia City Theater | w/ Howe Gelb, Maggie Bjorklund, and Sweet Secrets
12.15.11 | Portland, OR | Doug Fir Lounge | w/ Howe Gelb and Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter
12.16.11 | day off
12.17.11 | Oakland, CA | The New Parish | w/ Howe Gelb
12.18.11 | day off
12.19.11 | Sacramento, CA | Bows & Arrows | w/ Desario and Allen Clapp & His Orchestra
12.20.11 | San Francisco, CA | Hemlock Tavern | w/ Desario and Allen Clapp & His Orchestra
12.21.11 | Los Angeles, CA | Bootleg Theater | w/ Flora & Fauna and Harriet
12.22.11 | San Diego, CA | The Tin Can | w/ Skyline Union, Carmen Caserta, and Saba
12.23.11 | Palm Springs, CA | Amigo Room at Ace Hotel | w/ Young Mothers and JP Houston

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Thank you to everyone who made Friday, April 22nd, the most special day in our one year existence!  It truly was an epic day, beginning with a quick visit with Jason Repko at the KXCI 91.3 studio.  Dan Sheffer from local television station Tucson-12 stop by as well to see what was going on.  Tucson-12 will be putting together a feature on Fort Lowell Records to air at a later date.

As the afternoon rolled into the evening, Allie Baron (AKA: The Vinyl Baron) kicked off the party at Hotel Congress on the patio, while inside Dead Western Plains was getting set up to blow our minds (once again).

Zach Toporek was first on stage outside on the patio, starting the night with a solo set, and then joined by his band Young Mothers.

Our host, Zachary Elias Clark from KAMP Student Radio, welcomed the ladies from Los Angeles CA, Wet & Reckless, to the stage following Young Mothers.   Again, Dan Sheffer from Tucson-12 was on hand to capture the greatness happening at Hotel Congress. 

Inside Club Congress, our favorite DJ from KXCI 91.3, Jaime J, was getting the crowd warmed up with his sweet jams, followed by a mind-blowing performance by Dead Western Plains (AKA: The Men in White).  Notice: even Dead Western Plains' drums were dressed in white!

Tracy Shedd kept the music flowin' outside on the patio immediately following Dead Western Plains; playing a few guitar gems, followed by her lovely work on piano.  Did anyone else catch her cover on The Magnetic Fields' "Candy," or her rockin' poppin' cover of our own Death Kit's "I Can Make You Love Me?"  No?  Your loss man, they were both rad! 

Speaking of Death Kit... holy jeeze!  They killed it inside Club Congress!  Believe it or not, we had never actually seen Death Kit live before, so we were just as curious as anyone else.  But seriously, Death Kit was amazing!  We are so happy both Death Kit and Wet & Reckless were able to drive out from Los Angeles CA to join us for this special event. 

If you did catch Death Kit's performance inside Club Congress, you just might have missed a very special guest that just happened to stop by Hotel Congress for the celebrations... Howe Gelb!  Due to Howe's busy touring schedule, we were not 100% sure he would be able to make it out, but very happy to have received a text from him at about 10:30pm saying "Just pulled up."  For those of you that did catch Howe Gelb's performance, I am sure you will agree that it was quite a treat! 

Jaime J delivered a very special performance as well inside Club Congress just before video? wrapped the night up (as well as before Death Kit earlier in the night).  He is not only an amazing DJ with an excellent taste in music, but he's a great performer who knows how to get the party started! video? followed with another amazing set showing us that electronic music does have a heart and soul, and can be a lot of fun to watch being performed live.  Our favorite is when they perform "I'm Afraid of Everything," their song from their Fort Lowell Records 7inch.  (Sorry, we totally forgot to take a photo of video? from the show last night, so Paul sent us this one from their CD Release Party at Plush from a few weeks ago.)

Lastly, we've have to take a moment to say "Thank You" to all of the great folks at Hotel Congress and Club Congress: David Slutes, Dan Hernandez, Dana Fehr, Zack (sound engineer for the patio), Elizabeth (the manager who took care of us all night), and Larry and the roller derby lady (the bartenders that kept the drink flowin' all night)!  You all rock, and we love you all!

Thank you Tucson!
Thank you everyone!
~ Fort Lowell Records

Friday, April 22, 2011


We hope you are all able to make it out to Hotel Congress in Tucson AZ for our Fort Lowell Records Showcase tonight!  It is going to be an awesome party!  All of the bands from our first year of records are coming together to say 'Thanks' to all of you for the support you have shown this past year!  Tonight's show is a FREE event for you, so come on out and have some fun!  You did not hear this here, but there may even be a surprise guest!

6:00p - DJ Set w/ The Vinyl Baron + Dan Shapiro

8:45p -
DJ Set w/ The Vinyl Baron + Dan Shapiro
9:15p - WET & RECKLESS
10:00p -
DJ Set w/ The Vinyl Baron + Dan Shapiro
10:45p - TRACY SHEDD
11:15p -
DJ Set w/ The Vinyl Baron + Dan Shapiro

9:00p - DJ Set w/ Jaime J
10:45p -
DJ Set w/ Jaime J + Live Performance
11:15p - DEATH KIT
12:00a -
DJ Set w/ Jaime J + Live Performance
12:30a - ...MUSIC VIDEO?

[Click here for the Facebook Event Page] 

In addition to all of the great music and celebration, we are extremely excited to debut the very first Fort Lowell Records TShirt!  We will have them on sale for $20.00 each in boys and girls sizes, printed on Alternative Apparel shirts!

Thank you again for all the support during our first year! Tonight is going to be a lot of fun, and we are looking forward to celebrating with you! Stop by Hotel Congress any time during the night to see your favorite band, or just come hang out and listen to the amazing DJs! Don't forget to order one of our favorite drinks from the bar... either the "Dead Western Plain" or a "Seven & Seven!"

See you tonight!
~ Fort Lowell Records

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Young Mothers with Congresswoman Giffords, Saturday, April 17, 2010, Earth Day

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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Tucson 12 is an awesome television station here in Tucson, AZ, that is über supportive to our community, in particular, the arts.  So much, that they were a major inspiration to us for starting Fort Lowell Records (seriously, read our post from January 10, 2010, here).  Earlier this month, Tucson 12 invited our very own Young Mothers into their studio for a live recording and interview, as part of their D-Town Program.

Watch D-Town featuring Young Mothers' performance and interview here!
(Their feature comes in at the 10min mark)

In addition to their television appearance, Tucson 12 has posted a 2nd song by Young Mothers from the same live studio recording session on their YouTube channel:

You can order Young Mothers' 7inch record, which happens to be our very first release, direct from our website, here (to your right-->). There are still a few copies left, but it is nearly out of print, so don't delay! Young Mothers will also be releasing a new full length CD called Have Some Fun on their own label, December 10th.

As always, thank you for the support!
Enjoy the music!
- Fort Lowell Records

Friday, October 15, 2010


Matt and Josh, hosts of Vinyl Vlog (a video web blog that reviews vinyl records via YouTube), take a moment to share with you their first impressions about Fort Lowell Records and the 7inch records we have released; Young Mothers, video?, and our Wet & Reckless + Tracy Shedd split.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We are excited to let you know that we will be giving away a signed test pressing from each of our first three releases this coming Saturday!

For those of you that don't understand the significance of this... test pressings are the very first run of vinyl pressed from the manufacturer. They are mailed to us to listen to before going into production, to be sure everything is correct with the pressing. For Fort Lowell Records, test pressing are even more significant because they are the only copies of our records that are pressed on black vinyl, making them extremely rare; there are only four copies like these in existence... but only one copy that was been signed by the band, making them uber-rare!

Fort Lowell Records is going to take part in the 4th Annual Vinyl Revival Record Fair on Saturday, September 4th, at Hotel Congress ( in Tucson, AZ. There will be raffle prizes given away during the event, that will include three signed test pressings from Fort Lowell Records... FLR001: Young Mothers, FLR002: video?, and our newest release FLR003: Wet & Reckless + Tracy Shedd!

In addition to the giveaways, we will also have copies of our Wet & Reckless + Tracy Shedd Split 7inch (FLR003) for sale, along with Young Mothers and video?! The release date for FLR003 is not until September 28th, so come on down and pick up a copy before the bands get theirs! Once you see the candy red vinyl in person, you won't be able to resist! All Fort Lowell Records 7inches will be on sale for $5.00 each! See you at the show!

Sunday, August 29, 2010



Saturday, September 25, 2010
Sky Bar, 536 N. 4th Ave., Tucson, AZ
8 p.m.

See all five bands from Fort Lowell Records’ four 7inch releases in one place and pick up an early copy of FLR003 before it’s officially released!

7inch-only Fort Lowell Records is throwing a party to celebrate the release of their third 7inch record, a split single featuring Tucson band Tracy Shedd and LA’s Wet & Reckless. Copies of FLR003 will be available for purchase, even though the official release date is September 28.

It’s not just any party--- at the show will be all of the bands who have released music through Fort Lowell Records, including LA’s Wet & Reckless, and Tucson’s Dead Western Plains, who will be on Fort Lowell Records’ fourth 7inch release, due to come out November 23. DJ The Vinyl Baron will be spinning records before the show and between sets.

Admission is free.

8:00pm: The Vinyl Baron spins records

9:00pm: video?

9:45pm: Dead Western Plains

10:30pm: Young Mothers

11:15pm: Wet & Reckless (from Los Angeles CA)

12:00am: Tracy Shedd

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Saturday, September 4

Hotel Congress presents...

9am-3pm - Vinyl Revival Record Fair
11am-3pm - Fort Lowell Records Showcase
- Live performances by Tracy Shedd + Young Mothers
- DJ sets by The Vinyl Baron + Fort Lowell Records Executive DJs

It’s that time of year again! Vinyl Revival invites you to join us at Hotel Congress for Tucson’s most exciting record sale! This year’s fair will coincide with Club Congress’ 25th Anniversary Party, Labor Day Weekend. A three day music festival featuring some of the best Tucson bands from the past 25 years, who will rock the stage each night. In it’s fourth year, Vinyl Revival will help us revive some of Tucson’s best music. Vinyl Revival will provide an atmosphere where the serious record collector or novice can have exposure and access to all things vinyl! Come on down and take part in Arizona’s largest independent record fair. We’re sure you’ll find something you love!

Fort Lowell Records, Tucson's latest record label releasing 7inch records for Tucson artists, will have their records from Young Mothers and video? for sale. In addition, this will be a one-time-only chance to purchase their latest release, a split 7inch featuring Wet & Reckless + Tracy Shedd, that is not available to anyone else until September 28th!!! Come down to the Vinyl Revival to get your copy of FLR003 first! Tracy Shedd will be on hand to play a few live tracks for everyone, along with Young Mothers! Then, resident Fort Lowell Records' DJ, The Vinyl Baron, will be spinning some sweet, sweet vinyl all afternoon long!

To top if off... Fort Lowell Records will have a SIGNED Test Pressing for each of their records (Young Mothers, video?, and the Wet & Reckless + Tracy Shedd Split 7inch) to give away as door prizes! You won't want to miss it!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Yesterday was the official release date for Young Mothers' "Come On, The Cross" 7inch record. In honor of its release, we hosted a little trivia game via our Fort Lowell Records email list to give away a signed test press record. Here are the two questions that were sent out to everyone to answer:

Referring to the cover art for the Young Mothers' 7inch Record...
- What flavor ice cream is Patricia eating?
- What is the name of the ice cream shop where Patricia got her ice cream?

Twelve hours later, Jennifer Alzua emailed back with the two correct answers: Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream from Thrifty's! You can almost guess what flavor ice cream she was eating, just by looking at the photo. If you keep up with Fort Lowell Records' Twitter account, you may have caught the one time someone asked about the sign in the photo behind Patricia and we replied, saying it said "Thrifty's." Also, our cover stars are always listed on the inside, so in case you were wondering which girl was Patricia, it is noted in the credits.

The point of this post is... as you all are getting to learn what Fort Lowell Records is all about, one thing you should quickly pick up on is that we like to give stuff away and do fun little things like trivia games. We can also tell you that it is pretty much going to be a standard practice to give away one signed copy of the test pressing for each release. We love test pressings and we want to share them with at least one special person in the world each time we put a record out. So, we would recommend you connect with us in every way possible (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, and our email list via FanBridge). You never know what trivia game we are going to play next.

Speaking of giving things away... something you may not have known or thought about before is, we also gave away a lot of extras with the pre-orders we had for Young Mothers' release. Just ask anyone that ordered the record before the release date. They all received a Young Mothers promotional poster, an extra Fort Lowell Records sticker, a CDR with additional unreleased songs from Young Mothers, and a signed copy of the "Come On, The Cross" artwork by all of Young Mothers band members. This is something to consider when we post up the pre-order link for video? and the Wet & Reckless / Tracy Shedd split 7inch. Anticipate some fun extra freebies for those of you that opt in for the pre-order.

Thanks again for all of the support everyone!
We truly appreciate all of your help!

- Fort Lowell Records

Monday, April 19, 2010


This past Saturday, April 17th, while the world celebrated Record Store Day, the city of Tucson welcomed in the birth of our record label, Fort Lowell Records. The launch party was held at the Zia Records on Speedway Blvd., and it could not have been a more perfect setting. Tucsonans drove in from all over the city to show their support, while Tracy Shedd, video?, and Young Mothers played their hearts out. It was better than we ever expected, and a memory we will always cherish.

During the development of what has become Fort Lowell Records, there was a long standing debate (with myself) on whether or not to make this a label focused on nationally known bands or on local bands from Tucson. After living here for the past three years, I have fallen in love with the beauty of this city: the support Tucson has for itself. Fort Lowell Records needed to be something to give back to this. It is a community that thrives on the passion for creativity, and a culture than believes in supporting the arts.

Everyone here at Fort Lowell Records is very excited about what is ahead of us for 2010. Young Mothers are an amazing group of musicians, and we are very excited to have them help us launch this record label. video? will be following them shortly after with a sexy release, due out July 13th. Wet & Reckless and Tracy Shedd will be splitting some wax together later in the year, and if all goes as planned... we will be presenting one more release before the end of 2010. In order to do that, we need the support from all of you. All of the money made from our releases goes back into our label to put out more records for more Tucson bands. So, thank you to all of you that have already purchased our first release for Young Mothers, and thank you to those of you about to do so. This label would not exist without you.

- The Fort Lowell Records Family

Sunday, April 18, 2010


This coming Friday, April 23rd, come join Tucson's favorite DJ, The Vinyl Baron, with Fort Lowell Records and Young Mothers, to celebrate Fort Lowell Records' first release for Young Mothers "Come On, The Cross" 7inch record! Band members from Young Mothers will be spinning their favorite vinyl for the first hour. Then a special guest DJ from Fort Lowell Records' Executive Team will join The Vinyl Baron to keep the turntables spinning through the night. Come listen to Young Mothers' "Come On, The Cross" while you enjoy a beverage of your choice, and then pick up a copy of the 7inch from Fort Lowell Records to take home and spin yourself!

Includes: Young Mothers 7inch Record + Any Well Drink
(Purchase at Fort Lowell Records merchandise table)


The Vinyl Baron presents
Fort Lowell Records + Young Mothers

Friday, April 23rd | 7:00-10:00pm
Hotel Congress Patio | 311 E. Congress Street, Tucson, AZ

7:00-8:00pm - DJ set by Young Mothers
8:00-10:00pm - DJ set by The Vinyl Baron + FLR Executive Team

Saturday, April 17, 2010

RECORD STORE DAY + ZIA RECORDS host Fort Lowell Records very first Showcase!

Fort Lowell Records is proud to announce that on Saturday, April 17th, Young Mothers' 7inch Record will be officially available for the city of Tucson AZ only! To help celebrate our very first release, Zia Records is hosting a special Fort Lowell Records Showcase, in conjunction with Record Store Day at their Speedway location in Tucson AZ. There will be live performances from Young Mothers, video?, and Tracy Shedd; all three artists to be released by Fort Lowell Records in 2010. Young Mothers' 7inch Record for "Come On, The Cross" will be available for the first time to the public at Zia Records on April 17th, and there will lots of other give-aways for those that show up to the Fort Lowell Records Showcase! Please help spread the word for this historical event and invite others via this Facebook Event Page. We look forward to seeing you at Zia Records!

Saturday, April 17th
Free Event | All Ages

4:00pm - 4:30pm: Tracy Shedd
4:45pm - 5:15pm: video?
5:30pm - 6:00pm: Young Mothers

Zia Records | Speedway
3370 E. Speedway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85716
(520) 327-3340

Record Store Day

Fort Lowell Records

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Q1.FY10 UPDATE {1st Quarter of the 2010 Fiscal Year Update} - LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO THE FAMILY

There has certainly been a lot going on since the last update in January.  The was right about the time I was getting strapped in on what I knew was going to be the roller-coaster of a ride to starting up a Record Label, and it has been nothing short of that!  If you have not been doing so, you can follow along via our Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter pages for day-by-day updates of the steps we are taking to getting our first release out to you!  The day has been set... Tuesday, April 20th, 2010!  This will be when Young Mothers' 7inch will be available for all to enjoy!  We are actually going to make it available for all of the city of Tucson on Saturday, April 17th.  This is Record Store Day, and the fine folks at Zia Records are partnering up with us to see that Fort Lowell Records and Young Mothers are able to offer this debut to Tucson on Record Store Day!

Early in the process of developing Fort Lowell Records and what I wanted it to represent, I felt this sense of 'community' (as Zach from Young Mothers put it) being developed.  Two months later, after going through all of the creative design work that it takes to put a record together, I am really proud of what Fort Lowell Records has shaped up to be.  For some, the idea of putting out a record may be all about the band.  They provide the music (obviously), and sometimes may also provide the artwork, the liner notes, they may even design everything, etc., etc.  For a full album release, I can understand this.  It is literally "as if you gave birth to a kid," as put by Tracy Shedd, so having the band manage all aspects of a full album makes sense.  One reason we have chosen to work with 7inch Records only for Fort Lowell Records is how much 'fun' they can be to release.  Bands don't have to take things so serious with 7inch Records, and often they don't.  Sometimes bands will release music they would not normally want associated with a full album, or they may do silly things with artwork that they normally would not do for an album.  So, I decided to use Fort Lowell Records as a way to have a lot of 'fun' with a lot of people... not just the band.  I wanted to give other artists an outlet for their work, in addition for the band to have an outlet for their music.

clamdiggin was the first group of artists I reached out to, to partner with me on this project.  When we first moved to Tucson AZ, my wife and I stumbled across an Art Exhibit of their work, and fell in love at first sight.  This POSTER entitled "Patsy" was what got us hooked.  Then, I received this shirt called "Observatory" for Valentine's Day a year or so later.  There was tag on the shirt that said, "A portion of the proceeds from this shirt is contributed to the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA)."  From that point, we knew that clamdiggin was a great group of people, and represent a good purpose for their work.  Through the grape vine, we realized the various connections we had with clamdiggin with close friends, and reached out to them directly.  We basically offered clamdiggin complete control over the artwork that would be generated for the B-Side Label on the Vinyl Records themselves.  So, the A-Side will have a fixed Fort Lowell Records designed label with all of the necessary information about the music.  But then, clamdiggin will present their work on the flip side.  For our first release with Young Mothers, they have decided to use the artwork from their "Removal of plant life if prohibited" campaign.  I love the way it laid out with the circular format!  We all can't wait to see what other beauties clamdiggin present to Fort Lowell Records.  The offer was made for clamdiggin to have this outlet for their work on all future releases with Fort Lowell Records, so stay tuned!

At 10:40am on February 2nd, I posted on my personal Twitter Account, "Need help finding a Tucson Photographer to partner with for Cover Art for @FortLowellRecs 7inch Records. Know someone? Have them contact me!"  I had an idea that I wanted to find a local Photographer to work with on all of the artwork designs for each release.  One of my favorite Record Labels of all time is 4AD.  I love the fact that you can pick up a 4AD Record and know it is a 4AD Record simply by the artwork.  The same is true for Blue Note, Sarah Records, and Teenbeat; other Record Labels I am very fond of.  I think a good part of this is because of the imagery their designers work with.  The other major part of it is that they are working with the same Graphic Designers, and that is where I personally come into play with Fort Lowell Records.  Other than simply being the guy to get all of these great artists together for a common purpose, my artistic contribution is going to be to manage the Graphic Design of each release, something that I am very passionate about (other than Vinyl Records).

Within minutes of posting my Tweet, a very close friend of ours, Loreto Echevarria, contact me saying, "I've got your Photographer!"  Two days later, she arranged a scheduled meeting with local Tucson Photographer, Alaina Brownell.  Before even looking at her work, I knew that Alaina was the right Photographer to bring on board.  A major factor in developing this 'community' and choosing who we want to work with is the energy that each person brings to the project.  This goes for the bands as well.  I remember learning this from Mark Robinson with Teenbeat.  A Record Label can truly end up becoming a family, which is a beautiful thing, so you have to be aware of this in the beginning, choosing carefully who you partner up with.  Being that Alaina was trusted and respected by a friend of ours presented a comfort that she was going to have the right energy we were looking for.  Then, when we dove into looking at her photos, I all of sudden felt like I had wasted so much time in the past looking for various images to work with on previous work that I had been doing for so many years.  Alaina's photography has exactly what I am always looking for when searching for photos to design posters or album artwork.  They are very personal and tell a story.  You can see there is a clear connection between her, as the Photographer, and her subjects.  On top of all that, she takes her photographs on film... the equivalent of records in the Photography World... they are analog!  Alaina gave me one of her World Famous I'm-Gonna-Hit-You-So-Hard-You're-Not-Gonna-Know-What-Hit-Ya'!-High-Fives when we had that discovery!  I think that is what sealed the deal!  So like clamdiggin, Fort Lowell Records will be featuring the photographic images of Alaina Brownell's work with each release.

During this entire process of finding a Photographer, and beginning to discuss artwork and design with Young Mothers [FLR001] and video? [FLR002], we could not help by recognize the energy that Ms. Loreto Echevarria was also bringing to the table.  Loreto is a Fashion Stylist in Tucson AZ and works under the name Lolo Chic.  Her and Alaina have been working on a project to promote Lolo Chic, so it was very natural for Loreto to be around during many of our initial meetings.  But what was unexpected was Loreto's natural ability to have a positive guidance with groups of creative people.  I think it goes without saying: heads can butt together when many creative people are involved on the same project... and that starts with my big melon!  HA!  There, I said it.  That is why I purposely wanted to build this community of artists to come together; to force others (including and mainly myself) to accept and respect the contributions of what others have to offer.  Loreto provided a neutral perspective, but yet helped each of us, as artists, understand each other.  So, we have decided to include Loreto in the family here at Fort Lowell Records, to assist in connecting the music to the photographs to the design.  I am confident in saying that this process would not have been as much fun without her!  We look forward to working on more future projects with our newly appointed Design Consultant.

Another major element of a Record Label is having distribution.  Why, isn't that the point... to get the music out to listeners across the world?  We are ever so happy and excited that we were able to rekindle an old friendship with finding a partner for managing the distribution of Fort Lowell Records.  24 Hour Service Station has been around since 1994, and began as a Record Label out of the Tampa FL area.  Their first release was for a great band called Rosewater Elizabeth.  Being kids from Jacksonville FL ourselves, we grew up in the Florida Scene with Rosewater Elizabeth and 24 Hour Service Station.  We used to work with 24 Hour Service Station quite a bit, booking various shows with their bands and what not.  When we started doing research for Distributors for Fort Lowell Records, we learned through our friend Pocket, whom Tracy Shedd sang vocals for on Pocket's contribution to 24 Hour Service Station's New Order tribute CD called Ceremony, that 24 Hour Service Station was now not only a Record Label, but also managing distribution for others now.  Going back to that whole 'energy' thing I keep talking about... We knew immediately that we wanted them to manage distribution for Fort Lowell Records.  24 Hour Service Station has always been very professional and yet personal.  We have always had a lot of respect for what they have done, and feel very privileged to be able to work with them again.  And the best part is... their Distribution Outlets are amazing!  Fort Lowell Records will be available for anyone to order in at their local Record Stores.  And a great addition... they are able to make each release available to nearly every Online Outlet, such as iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, Lala, etc.

So stay tuned... Fort Lowell Records is comin' at cha'!  April 20th is the official launch of our first release for Young Mothers, and we will have two more great records coming in the summer... one from video?, and the other will be a split release for Wet & Reckless and Tracy Shedd!  Please try and help us sell these records so we can continue to fund future releases.  We've got more exciting and great music from other Tucson bands lined up... but will need your support to get started, so 'Thank You' in advance!

Oh yeah... back to 'energy' and 'family' and all of that great stuff that makes up Fort Lowell Records... Here is a Fun Fact I like to point out: Emily Wilder, the singer / guitarist from Wet & Reckless is actually the Cover Star for Tracy Shedd's last full length album Cigarettes & Smoke Machines [Teenbeat 2008], plus she is the Director (AKA: "Stop Motion Kid") of Tracy Shedd's world famous video for the song "City At Night" from her latest release EP88 [Eskimo Kiss Records 2010].  Deanna DeVries, drummer for Wet & Reckless, is the one who (literally) built the Set Pieces for the same video!  These girls rule!  We can't wait to here what they have for us here at Fort Lowell Records!  More to come on that, when both Wet & Reckless and Tracy Shedd hit the studios soon!

PS: I am sure there are a lot of grammatical errors with my usage of "I" and "we" when talking about Fort Lowell Records.  Sure, this project started from me having any idea to start a Record Label and selling my 1976 CJ5 Jeep with 35" Tires and a 4" Lift Kit (I miss you Bumble Bee!), as seen in Tracy Shedd's video for "Whatever It Takes" from Cigarettes & Smoke Machines... but this is very much a "we" effort!  There is no way this would all be possible without all of the help and support from my friends, and most importantly... Fort Lowell Records' own Vice President of Corporate Affairs... Mrs. Tritten.   "We" appreciate all of the support so far, and can't wait to start populating the world with more Vinyl Records!

Support Local!
Support Vinyl!

~ James

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Happy New Year Everyone!

We are very excited about all of the plans to get Fort Lowell Records started in 2010!  Our first release with Young Mothers is in the works, and we should be announcing a release date soon.  We are not exactly sure how this happened... but we have actually already lined up artist for our 3RD release, not 2nd... but (skip one) the one after that!  FLR003 is going to be a Split 7inch with Tracy Shedd (Teenbeat / Eskimo Kiss Records) and Wet And Reckless!

Tracy Shedd is just about to release her 'piano debut' with Eskimo Kiss Records, called EP88.  It is scheduled to come out in February, and contains five tracks that Shedd wrote on piano, not guitar!  However, Fort Lowell Records is happy to report that Shedd wants back on the guitar for her split with Wet And Reckless!  Expect greatness from Camp Shedd for her Fort Lowell debut!

Wet And Reckless is a brand new trio from Los Angeles, CA; currently traveling the US on tour!  You may be asking yourself... "I thought Fort Lowell Records was going to focus on bands from Tucson, AZ?"  Well, don't fret (pun intended music fans)!  Bassist Jessica Gelt is home grown right here in the Old Pueblo!  As soon as they return home, these three ladies are going to hit the studio to prepare for their vinyl debut!  Fort Lowell Records is honored to be able to help Wet And Reckless out!  You can check out their own Websites to listen to some of their first demo recordings.

So, meetings are taking place to discuss FLR002 to follow up Young Mothers immediately.  Our overall goal is to get four records out for 2010, so stay tuned to learn about who we will be partnering up with in the near future!

Thank you all for the amazing support we have received without even having a release out!
Soon!  We'll we deliver soon!