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Saturday, September 9, 2017


Alright people of the world wide web... here we go again! Another awesome Digital 45 from those instrumental rockin' rollin' boys down in ol' Jacksonville FL - moyamoya - for their track "I Heart Jet Noise."  Listen to it here:


Florida-based post-rock purveyors, moyamoya, have released the digital 45 "I Heart Jet Noise" - the third of three on Fort Lowell Records since their full-length debut in 2014. The ominous and wandering track is moyamoya at their finest - a perpetual balancing act of musical movements merging, at times brash and belligerent, at others meticulous and measured. In the brief 5 minute track, from the haunted number-station-esgue intro to the break-beat inspired conclusion, the band mutate the motif multiple times, making the journey seem longer than the listen.

And to extend that journey, Jacksonville hip-hop hero, Willie Evans Jr, provides the "Chem-trail Mix" - seizing on the final movement of the original track but, up-tempo and beat-forward, to create a remix in his own head-bobbing image.

The 3 digital 45s are available online at most streaming platforms however, a physical-format will be released via cassette tape later this fall. moyamoya's "I Heart Jet Noise" along with "Ded Mel 25" and "Baracus" will comprise side A while side B will feature a remix of each song provided by Willie Evans Jr as well as Navigateur (Ded Mel 25) and Keith William of WakeATL (Baracus). The tape will be available at the coming moyamoya show: Raindogs on Oct 19th with Twin Ponies and Loose Eels.

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