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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Ladies and gentlemen, the Good Graces are driving up all the way from Atlanta GA tomorrow, Thursday,  September 4th, to play the 5th annual Hopscotch Festival here in Raleigh NC, and we couldn't be happier!  Potluck (Foundation; record label) is teaming up with us to release the full length album by the Good Graces, titled Close to the Sun, in October of this year.  the Good Graces will be appearing at Potluck's Hopscotch day party on Thursday,  September 4th at Slim's Downtown with other Potluck artists: Schooner, See Gulls, Lakes & Woods, North Elementary, Horizontal Hold, Le Weekend, Curtains, Beauty World, Rogue Band of Youth, and Wichita Falls.  the Good Graces play at 3:00pm.
To add to the celebration, Fort Lowell Records will at Potluck's showcase taking pre-orders for the Good Graces new vinyl album!  Yes, that means you can place your order right there with us at the show, and as soon as the vinyl comes in, we will mail the record to you directly so you don't have to wait for it to be available in stores!  And... to make things even better, the Good Graces will be giving away a FREE copy of their CD album, Drawn to You (Potluck), with every pre-order of their new album!  Aanndd... to sweeten the deal even further, we are going to be giving away a FREE Fort Lowell Records 7inch vinyl record of your choice as well!  So, just for ordering the Good Graces' new 12inch vinyl, you are going to get a FREE CD and a FREE 7inch vinyl!   And all you have to do is pre-order the Good Graces' record tomorrow, Thursday, September 4th at their show at Slim's Downtown during the Potluck Hopscotch day party between 12-5pm!
Alright, we will see you tomorrow at the show!
PS: We will have our Square-thingy,  so we can take credit card paymemts!

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