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Sunday, September 21, 2014


moyamoya is an astonishing instrumental rock band from Jacksonville FL. Perhaps you have never heard of them before, and that is okay; that is what you have us for - to introduce you to amazing new talent, such as moyamoya.  And with that, we are very proud to present you with their recording debut: a self-titled six song sampler that is sure to captivate.  The digital release of their album will be available on September 30th from outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic.  Then, on Tuesday, October 28th, their vinyl release, pressed on brown wax, will be available in stores everywhere.  However, you can now order a copy of the vinyl from our website, and we will be sure to ship it to you once it is available!
PLUS, THERE IS A BONUS IN IT FOR YOU! When you order moyamoya's album direct from us, we will send you a bonus track "Ded Mel 25" via email!  That's right, an exclusive bonus track just for those that order with us!  Do it!
Thank you for listening!
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