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Monday, May 16, 2011


Yesterday was a great day spent at The Nile Theater Record Fair in Mesa AZ! This was the second event they have hosted like this, and something we hope they keep doing. We continue to meet people that have never heard of Fort Lowell Records, and truly appreciate the opportunity to make new fans.

It was great to be set up next to our favorite record store in the Phoenix Metro Area, Stinkweeds. Good times were had hanging out with our friend (their Manager), Lindsay Cates... admiring the awesomeness of her credit card machine (SEE BELOW). We even managed to pick up a few records ourselves from Stinkweeds: The Black Angels' B-Side EP, The Amazing, The Black Ryder, a Deerhunter 7inch, a Trouble In Mind 7inch sampler, and two great great great records from the record label The Numero Group (#17 and #35 1/2) that we are very excited to listen to soon.

We met a lot of nice people throughout the day that were really excited to hear new music. The listening station proved to be helpful once again. This time we brought in two sets of headphones, so family and friends could join in the fun.

We also met Ryan from Perfectly Round Records and James from Gilgongo Records, two awesome awesome record labels from the Phoenix Metro Area. We highly recommend you check out both labels and the various bands they are releasing. We picked up The Tri City Thundercats 7inch, our only missing 7inch from the Perfectly Round Records catalog; excited to complete that set now. We also got a number of new vinyl from James at Gilgongo Records: two full lengths from French Quarter, one from ZS, Little Women, and James' own release, as well as 7inches by Woods, Married In Berdichev, and Vegetable. It's nice to finally meet both of those guys. They are both working really hard to bring you some great tunes, so definitely check them out.

Stinkweeds and Fort Lowell Records toughed it out until the very end, making sure every last possible customer was met and no one left behind. We celebrated a successful day of hard work at a local wine bar call Il Vinaio. Definitely recommend stopping by there if you are ever in the neighborhood. Pretty cool spot with a great selection of wine and beers, including an awesome Hemp Ale (that they allowed Tracy Shedd to take home in a growler she just happens to carry around with her at all times just in case she find a beer on tap she wants to take home in a growler... #realtalk).

Good times! Good times! We look forward to the next time The Nile Theater hosts a record fair, or to any other time we have a reason to head north and hang with our peeps in Phoenix.


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