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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Last night's Rock Lottery was simply awesome! What a great display of how beautiful the Tucson music community is! 25 talented musicians came together and in one day put together 5 bands that all kicked butt! Our favorite was The Sweet Spots, featuring our very own Tracy Shedd and one of our favorite guitarist in Tucson, Dana Fehr from the band Juarez. They started the night with their ass-kicking-take-no-prisoners power pop (file between Husker Du and Velocity Girl), that included an amazing cover of The Cars' "Just What I Needed."

Kudos to Mike Sanger and Johnnie Munger from Dead Western Plains, Dr. Dan from KXCI's Locals Only radio program, Maebelle Reed and everyone at Plush, and to the people of Tucson AZ, ...all for an awesome night!

Lastly... Thanks to The General! You can't have a great night out on 4th Avenue without stopping by to see The General at his hot dog cart across from Che's. He is simply the coolest vegetarian you will meet selling the raddest hot dogs while playing the sweetest jams! I swear, if he could sell beer, I would just hang out with The General all night.


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