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Friday, December 17, 2010


Thank you to KXCI Community Radio and DJs Laura Adams and Jason Repko for inviting us to be a part of Laura's Guest DJ Project she will be debuting in 2011. Laura is looking to connect the city of Tucson with various people in the community by asking them about what music inspired them. She requested that we bring in 4-5 songs that have a significant meaning to us and our journey through life, that tell a story. Here is a list of what we brought in to play:

Echo & the Bunnymen - "Crocodiles" (Shine So Hard)
fIREHOSE - "Brave Captain" (Ragin', Full-On)
Mudhoney - "In 'N' Out of Grace" (Superfuzz Bigmuff).
My Bloody Valentine - "Feed Me With Your Kiss" (Isn't Anything)
Unrest - "Make Out Club" (Perfect Teeth)

You will have to wait to listen to the live broadcast from Laura in 2011 to hear how we wrap all of these great songs into one story. And in addition, we gave Laura an advanced copy of Death Kit's new 7inch record, due out February 22, 2011, for her to debut with the radio broadcast. We will be sure to let you know when to tune in.

Again, thank you KXCI for all of the great support!
- Fort Lowell Records

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  1. Catch me on the right day and I'd say that "Makeout Club" is my favorite song of all time.