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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


When the decision was made to release a 7inch record for the (at the time of decision) less-than-a-year-old Dead Western Plains, we knew that it would only be a matter of time for the world to take to Dead Western Plains the way that the boys and girls in Tucson were doing at that time. Well, their 7inch record has officially been out for only one week now, and there has been an overwhelming amount of interest and support already!, one of our favorite internet radio stations from St. Louis, MO, has already charted the boys from Arizona at #27 in their first week of airplay! In addition to that, they have received support from WESN in Normal, IL, on the show The Quaker Goes Deaf, along with our very own Tracy Shedd! And we cannot forget about all of the support Tucson's KXCI has been giving Dead Western Plains since we leaked their 7inch to them a few months ago! (Did I just type that? Woah!) ...not bad for a band that just celebrated their first year birthday a few months back! Congratulations Dead Western Plains! Kickflip says, "Rock out with your paw out!"

- Fort Lowell Records

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