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Sunday, April 12, 2015


Just west of the town of Carrboro off North Carolina's State Highway 54 on the way to Saxapahaw is a rural section of Chapel Hill that is home to the Honeysuckle Tea House.  Farm Manager, Nathan Toben, with a team of family and friends, opened Honeysuckle just over two years ago, and have crafted a serene, yet awaking, environment for all of us to experience.

Yes, there is a proper tea house, designed for you to revel in their surroundings.  However, Honeysuckle is much more than the holistic watering hole you might expect.  There is a multi-acre farm where they grow plants to harvest for the teas they serve and berries for various tinctures they sell, all while providing education for the youth in the process.  There are areas for kids to roam free and explore our world, as well as for adults to let their inhibitions go and do the same.

In addition, Honeysuckle Tea House is an amazing venue for live music.  Our very own Tracy Shedd performed at Honeysuckle on Saturday, April 11th on their outdoor stage.  The exquisite settings complimented Tracy's acute melodies to a T (or tea, shall we say; pun intended).  We strongly recommend looking over Honeysuckle's live music calender and going to see a show.  Say "Hello!" to Nathan for us.

Top photo by Nathan Toben; bottom photo by Christy Crowley

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