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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Monday, January 10, 2011 will always be remembered as 'The Day My Dual Died.'   My pops, Jim Tritten (yep, I'm a Junior, people!) had given me his Dual turntable from the 1970's (model 1257 for all of you techies out there) a few years back (possibly the greatest gift of a lifetime). Unfortunately, this past Monday, that Dual 1257 stopped working.  She provided an amazing listening experience, one that was well suited for approving all test pressings for Fort Lowell Records. We appreciate all the Dual did for us during our inaugural year, and will miss her dearly as Fort Lowell Records grows forward.  Rest in peace, Dual 1257.

The passing on of our Dual 1257 this week was especially hard for us because we are expecting to receive Death Kit's 7inch records in the mail, and in the coming weeks we should be working toward our test pressing for FLR006... both very important events for our lil' ol' label, that would require support of a turntable (and a good one at that) to enjoy. Fortunately for us, Tucson's own Andrew Collberg (an great musician / songwriter that you should become familiar with) came to the rescue!  He just so happened to have a Dual turntable, that his own father had passed on to him, available for us to borrow until we are able to replace our turntable.  The timing could not be more perfect!  Below is a photograph of Andrew's Dual, spinning his own 12inch On The Wreath [Le Pop Music].

While we save our pennies to purchase a Pro-Ject turntable, what will become the official listening station for all future Fort Lowell Records test pressings (and what has been a dream turntable for us for a number of years; since like 1992), we will proudly (and thankfully) enjoying testing our vinyl with Mr. Collberg's Dual turntable, and enjoying his record On The Wreath as well!

Thank you Andrew!
- James Tritten, Fort Lowell Records


  1. That's the saddest news. I had to track down a guy in queens from a dual message board to fix mine. But I have a backup too, just in case
    That project one looks pretty nice...I would miss the sweet fake wood veneer of the Dual.

  2. Yeah, I've thought about taking the Dual in for repair. May still do it... but I figured it is truly just time to bring in the Pro-Ject. I've been wanting one for quite some time now. They actually license the colors from other companies... like the green is John Deere green! Cool stuff, and they sound great too!