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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Fort Lowell Records is about to celebrate it's first birthday.  We were not sure if this project would even make it this far, but it has, and we are very excited to already be working on releases for 2011.  To commemorate each year, we've decided to feature a different theme year to year with the artwork for the records released.  We will also partner with a new photographer for each year; establishing continuity between the artwork, but yet diversity between the themes.

As you may have already noticed, 2010 featured the theme of girls.  All of the photographs used for our artwork this past year were taken by Alaina Brownell, a local Tucson photographer.  Alaina, along with Loreto Echevarria, fashion stylist and owner of Lolo Chic, helped shaped the look for what will now be known as "The Year of the Girl" for Fort Lowell Records.  If you have not collected all of these records, be sure you do so soon, before they are all out of print.  For 2011, we will be working with Julia DeConcini, co-owner of the Tucson Community Darkroom, featuring birds as the theme, making next year "The Year of the Bird."  Julia will also carry on the tradition set forth by Alaina of exclusively using photographs taken on film (analog photography).  In addition, the partnership between Fort Lowell Records and Julia's Tucson Community Darkroom will bring more awareness to the analog arts, such as vinyl records and film photography, for years to come.

For our fifth release, first for next year and first to feature our new bird theme, we did not have to look too far from our already existing family of bands.  In September 2010, we introduced you to Jessica Gelt, a Tucson native that is now living in Los Angeles, CA, playing bass in a band called Wet & Reckless.  Jessica also plays in another band, along with fellow Wet & Reckless'er Whitney Blank, that is led by August Brown, who used to play guitar with Tracy Shedd when they both lived in Jacksonville, FL.  Their band is called Death Kit.  We were introduced to Death Kit back when we first heard Wet & Reckless, and knew that we had to do a record with them as well.

To make things extra special for Death Kit's 7inch, video? will be featured on the B-Side, doing a remix of Death Kit's hit "I Can Make You Love Me."  Both bands have been fans of each others work are excited about the collaboration for this record.  And of course, we are just thrilled to bring more work from the boys with video? to you.  This record is sure to get you moving on the dance floor.  Here is the video for Death Kit's song "I Can Make You Love Me," featuring the original version.  You will have to buy the 7inch record from us to hear what video? does to it.

As always, thank you for the support!
"Here, here!" to another great year to come!
- Fort Lowell Records


  1. A bird theme for 2001. Good choice. Guess I will be flying with Fort Lowell Records again in 2011.

  2. Indeed Hans! Our birds are trained to make it all the way to you! :)