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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Pre-order our Wet & Reckless + Tracy Shedd 7inch now on our WEBSITE + MYSPACE! 
All pre-orders will receive a free CD of Tracy Shedd's last full length album, Cigarettes & Smoke Machines, which was released on Teenbeat in 2008! The candy-red vinyl is so delicious, you are going to want to eat it when it arrives at your doorstep!  Don't forget, all Fort Lowell Records 7inches come with digital downloads so you can take your music with you on the go!

FUN FACT #1: Emily Wilder, singer / guitarist from Wet & Reckless, is the cover star on Tracy Shedd's album, Cigarettes & Smoke Machines!

FUN FACT #2: Wet & Reckless have a production company called Echo Productions Productions.  They made this video for Tracy Shedd's song "City At Night," from her last release, EP88, put out by our dear friends at Eskimo Kiss Records earlier this year!


  1. Hi, I just discovered Tracy Shedd while browsing the review archive on Magnet Magazine's website, and am intrigued by their description of and praise for her album "Cigarettes & Smoke Machines". Am I too late to get a copy included with the split 7inch? That's such a great offer and a very affordable way to check out a new artist. :)

  2. If you have not done so already, copies of the Tracy Shedd + Wet & Reckless Split 7inch are still available through out site (here). Just click the link on the right side of the site for purchase. Or, have a local record store in your town order it in through our distributor, also shown on the right side of the site.