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Saturday, January 2, 2010


Happy New Year Everyone!

We are very excited about all of the plans to get Fort Lowell Records started in 2010!  Our first release with Young Mothers is in the works, and we should be announcing a release date soon.  We are not exactly sure how this happened... but we have actually already lined up artist for our 3RD release, not 2nd... but (skip one) the one after that!  FLR003 is going to be a Split 7inch with Tracy Shedd (Teenbeat / Eskimo Kiss Records) and Wet And Reckless!

Tracy Shedd is just about to release her 'piano debut' with Eskimo Kiss Records, called EP88.  It is scheduled to come out in February, and contains five tracks that Shedd wrote on piano, not guitar!  However, Fort Lowell Records is happy to report that Shedd wants back on the guitar for her split with Wet And Reckless!  Expect greatness from Camp Shedd for her Fort Lowell debut!

Wet And Reckless is a brand new trio from Los Angeles, CA; currently traveling the US on tour!  You may be asking yourself... "I thought Fort Lowell Records was going to focus on bands from Tucson, AZ?"  Well, don't fret (pun intended music fans)!  Bassist Jessica Gelt is home grown right here in the Old Pueblo!  As soon as they return home, these three ladies are going to hit the studio to prepare for their vinyl debut!  Fort Lowell Records is honored to be able to help Wet And Reckless out!  You can check out their own Websites to listen to some of their first demo recordings.

So, meetings are taking place to discuss FLR002 to follow up Young Mothers immediately.  Our overall goal is to get four records out for 2010, so stay tuned to learn about who we will be partnering up with in the near future!

Thank you all for the amazing support we have received without even having a release out!
Soon!  We'll we deliver soon!

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  1. Yeah I listened to Wet and Wreckless and I am kind of sick of these songs about the lead singer's inability to find love. There is longing in her voice but I can't help but to think that she seems like she is full of shit. I know that this embraces the 90's slacker ethos but I am bored of it. Let's move on up in 2010 people.